Christian Bale Talks Batman & More


As you all know, Christian Bale played Batman/Bruce Wayne in 3 films between 2005-2012 that are known as THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY.  But he’s also had an extraordinary career and is considered one of the finest actors working today.

Bale recently sat down with GQ to talk about his most iconic roles and you can check out that interview below.  But before that, here’s what he had to say about working with the late Heath Ledger on THE DARK KNIGHT

Heath Ledger as The Joker and Christian Bale as Batman in THE DARK NIGHT (Warner Bros.)

Heath Ledger, who, oh my god, what a pleasure to have gotten to work with him and to just see him, you know, and how much he put into the Joker.  And I was watching it going, yeah, this is absolutely fantastic. Are we in trouble here? When Chris and I first sat down, we said not the problem. What Batman is, is that the villains are always more interesting, right? And so Batman actually, he’s very close to being a villain himself. So, let’s never let him become dull by comparison. And unfortunately now sitting there, go, I’m feeling a bit dull. But in comparison ’cause Heath is just like killing this and, but I’m so proud of that film. I love it. THE DARK KNIGHT is absolutely extraordinary. You know, and it was such a pleasure to have gotten to work with Heath.”