Colin Farrell has given a small update on THE PENGUIN via EXTRA TV.  He says the series begins right after the ending of THE BATMAN…like, just a week after the flood.  Check out the video below!

I sorta figured that’s where it would begin based on the events of THE BATMAN and the fact that it wasn’t going to be a prequel.  With Carmine Falcone dead, there’s going to be an organized crime power vacuum in Gotham and I’m sure many people will try to fill it.  Oz Cobbleputt for sure…and maybe even Sal Maroni?  You gotta think he’s going to be released from prison because his conviction was tainted by the corruption in Gotham.

THE PENGUIN is set to begin filming early in 2023 and will air on HBO Max in the very near future. You can follow BOF’s extensive coverage of the series HERE.  In the meantime…

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(Thanks to BOF Senior Contributor Peter Verra and BOF’er Jeremy W. for the heads up!)