The Thanksgiving/November ’22 BOF Mailbag


Welcome to the Thanksgiving/November 2022 BOF Mailbag!

Sorry this is actually dropping after the holiday — I was busy as hell this past week prepping for Thanksgiving at the house and for our tailgate before attending the Dallas Cowboys game on Thursday…

For those reading who celebrated this past Thursday, I hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving!

Now, on to the questions…

What’s your best guess for the release date of THE BATMAN 2?

JETT SAYS: Summer 2025.

There’s a lack of Batman Thanksgiving content. What would the name and gimmick be if you could create a T-Day villain?

JETT SAYS: “Turkey Man.”  He robs banks and “gobbles” up all the money.

Ok, I’m just spit-balling here. Here’s an idea for a comedy that could offer a completely different perception to the general audience that DC isn’t all gloom & doom: a Plastic Man & Booster Gold team-up where they’re being trained by an old gruff Wildcat.

JETT SAYS: Hell yes!  I’ve been wanting a Booster Gold movie for a long time now.

JETT SAYS: I have no idea; but based on what I know about THE PENGUIN, that character probably wouldn’t fit.  I think he’d be more likely to show up in the upcoming Arkham-based series.

Do you think that Reeves will continue to explore the film noir/detective side of Batman in the sequels? If so, has there been word yet of any specific films or comics acting as inspiration for the new story, like how The Batman drew influence from Chinatown, Se7en, and Batman: Ego?

JETT SAYS: I think the detective/noir vibe Reeves used in THE BATMAN will continue throughout the trilogy.  With Matt Reeves being such a huge Batman fan, I say it’s fair to assume that just about everything Batman is an influence on him.

JETT SAYS: Not really.  A prop from one of the films would be cool to have though!

How do you think Safran and Gunn address Batman in their DC on film universe? Do they exclude him until Reeves has completed his THE BATMAN trilogy?

JETT SAYS: I think that scenario is very likely the way it’ll play out.

JETT SAYS: I hope not 😂!  With Warner Bros. canceling BATGIRL recently, I don’t think that bodes well for solo Batman sidekick spinoff films in the future.  Disclaimer: I’m not a fan of the extended Batman Family/Batman sidekicks, so I’m definitely not objective!

Do you think James Gunn will sacrifice even the more successful aspects of the “DCEU” such as Gal Gadot’s WW and Momoa as Aquaman for the greater good to reset the new “DCU” going forward?

JETT SAYS: I’ve hinted about what I’ve been hearing in regard to what the plan is now that Gunn and Safran are in charge of DC Films.  I’ll say this: If I’m WB/Gunn & Safran, I’m ending the previous “DCEU” with THE FLASH and AQUAMAN 2 and completely starting over from scratch.  I 100% believe that’s the best way to go moving forward and over the next decade-plus.

JETT SAYS: The only thing I’ve heard is that it’ll end up at the streaming platform that pays the most for it.

Now that it’s been out a while, how many times have you seen THE BATMAN, and where does it rank on your list of favorite Batman movies?

JETT SAYS: Oh man…I’ve probably seen THE BATMAN now about 20 times.  I would’ve had more viewings but I spent the last several months watching it in 10-minute blocks for our THE BATMAN CHAPTER BY CHAPTER podcast series.

Where does it rank for me personally?

I can say now without hesitation that THE BATMAN is my personal favorite Batman movie.  I absolutely love it.

With James Gunn helming a new DCU, and Reeve’s Batman staying separate from it (presumably), Do you think there will be a Batman in Gunn’s universe? Do you think it will be a Batman we’ve met before, or someone entirely new? If at all…

JETT SAYS: I’m 100% sure that there will eventually be a DCU Batman and that it will not be Matt Reeves’ incarnation of the character in THE BATMAN UNIVERSE nor will it be Robert Pattinson.  I highly suspect it’ll be a new incarnation of the character in the form of a new actor.

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the longtime BOF support!  As far as your questions…

1) I believe Ezra Miller will be done as The Flash after THE FLASH

2) See my answer to the previous question…

3) Thanksgiving was great!  I hope yours was as well!

Who do you want to be the villain in THE BATMAN 2?

JETT SAYS: Whichever villains Matt Reeves uses that fit the story he wants to tell.

Now that we’ve established that The Rock is not in charge of DC films and that BLACK ADAM is not the centerpiece, how can James Gunn possibly reset this franchise when THE FLASH and AQUAMAN 2 are already filmed and Gal Gadot is well-established as Wonder Woman? Also, do you think WONDER WOMAN 3 will ever happen?

JETT SAYS: You just hit the reset button and move on.  It will certainly be interesting to see what happens with DC on film under Gunn and Safran.

As far as WONDER WOMAN 3, I’ll just say I’m not very bullish on it happening.

JETT SAYS: I once heard it was due to some sort of copyright/legal issue, but that just doesn’t seem to be legit.  I asked some folks who would know and apparently it was because producer John Peters and costume designer Bob Ringwood thought the classic Batman logo looked like an “open mouth.”  So Ringwald added extra scallops — or “feet” — to the suit logo.  After fans complained about it they used the traditional Batman logo for the suit in BATMAN RETURNS.

JETT SAYS: I think it’s certainly possible that another actor plays Superman in the future in this new DCU under Gunn and Safran.