Bat-Timeline – “Batman in 1963”


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JANUARY: Big game hunter Tom Blake takes on Batman as Cat-Man for the first time in DETECTIVE COMICS #311.

FEBRUARY: Batman gains the powers of Clayface in DETECTIVE COMICS #312.

MAY: The Penguin returns after a seven year hiatus in BATMAN #155.

JUNE: While taking part of in a secret U.S. Army experiment, Batman hallucinates that he’s on an alien planet and Robin is killed in BATMAN #156. The story, “Robin Dies at Dawn!,” is considered one of the most important Batman stories in the character’s history. Starting in 2006, Grant Morrison would use parts of this tale in his “Batman, R.I.P.” storyline in BATMAN.

AUGUST: The Silver Age’s Justice League of Earth-One meets the Golden Age’s Justice Society of Earth-Two for the first time in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #21.

AUGUST: Cat-Man returns and Batwoman joins him as his “Cat-Woman” (while going undercover to capture the villain) in DETECTIVE COMICS #318.

NOVEMBER: The Joker takes on Clayface in BATMAN #159.