Matt Reeves Meeting Soon with James Gunn & Peter Safran to Plan the “BatVerse”


Via a recent interview with COLLIDER, Matt Reeves has confirmed that THE BATMAN UNIVERSE — or “BatVerse” as Reeves refers to it — is moving forward with a sequel and HBO series and that it’s unrelated to the new DCU being developed by DC Studios co-CEO’s James Gunn and Peter Safran.  Here’s what Reeves had to say…

They [Gunn and Safran] have been great…We’re actually supposed to meet in the next few weeks because they want to talk to me about the [DCU] broad plan, and then they want to hear the BatVerse plan. We’re just getting together to talk about all of that. Look, I’m excited to hear what they’re going to do. The BatVerse thing, as James has said, and as Peter has said, is kind of its own thing they’re letting us do.

Nothing here we really didn’t already know — especially if you follow BOF.  However, it’s cool to actually hear Reeves say that the three of them — Reeves, Gunn, and Safran — are working together so each knows what is planned for the new DCU and the BatVerse.  More from Reeves on that…

I had this dream for the way I wanted that to play out and that’s part of what I’m going to be talking to them about in a few weeks. They’re going to be talking to me about what they’re doing in their ten-year plan or certainly what’s in the near future as well so that we can understand that we’re not—it’s air traffic control—we don’t want to be crashing into each other. We want to support each other. I’m super excited. I’m really excited to hear about what they’re doing and to be working with them. It’s going to be cool.

While I’ve been of the belief that the new “DCU Batman” won’t be introduced until Reeves is done with THE BATMAN UNIVERSE/The BatVerse, perhaps there might be a brief period of Bat-overlap.  Also, it appears that there could be additional non-DCU DC films like THE BATMAN and JOKER 2 coexisting along with the connected DCU stuff in the future.  Watch this space. – Bill “Jett” Ramey