BOFPC 205 | Matt Reeves Talks The BatVerse & More!


Welcome to episode #205 (no, not episode #204 as host and Sr. BOF Contributor Garret Grev mistakenly says SEVERAL times throughout the episode) Joining Garret in the Batcave is BOF Contributor Justin Kowalksi for his first at-bat playing the global phenomenon bat-trivia game “WHAT ARE YOU?|” and engaging in a nice little Bat-Chat (trademark pending.)  Topics discussed…

  • Is Matt Reeves working on THE BATMAN sequel?
  • What’s going on with THE PENGUIN on HBO??
  • Will Robert Pattinson’s Batman be the Batman of James Gunn’s new DCU???
  • Is Warner Bros. Discovery going to sell The Snyderverse to Netflix?!?
  • Will James Gunn cast the next Superman based on fanboy suggestions and photoshop tweets?!?!?
  • All that AND witty banter! Don’t miss out!

Listen via the player below or wherever you get your podcasts.