BOFPC 205 | Matt Reeves Talks The BatVerse & More!


Welcome to episode #205 (no, not episode #204 as host and Sr. BOF Contributor Garret Grev mistakenly says SEVERAL times throughout the episode) Joining Garret in the Batcave is BOF Contributor Justin Kowalksi for his first at-bat playing the global phenomenon bat-trivia game “WHAT ARE YOU?|” and engaging in a nice little Bat-Chat (trademark pending.)  Topics discussed…

  • Is Matt Reeves working on THE BATMAN sequel?
  • What’s going on with THE PENGUIN on HBO??
  • Will Robert Pattinson’s Batman be the Batman of James Gunn’s new DCU???
  • Is Warner Bros. Discovery going to sell The Snyderverse to Netflix?!?
  • Will James Gunn cast the next Superman based on fanboy suggestions and photoshop tweets?!?!?
  • All that AND witty banter! Don’t miss out!

Listen via the player below or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Senior Contributor Garret Grev is a lifelong Bat-fan, a 20 year BOF'er, and officially joined the team in 2017. Garret covers comic and movie reviews and appears on both the BOF podcasts and vlogs. He lives in Minnesota with his lovely wife and their four sons. Outside of Batman and comics, Garret loves the outdoors, playing music, collecting 80’s action figures, and the MN Vikings. Garret is the co-founder of What Are the Odds? Fantasy Football. Follow him on twitter @GarretWATO.