Michael Uslan: The Complete BOF Interview for BOF’s 20th Anniversary


Hello BOF’ers, Jett here!

Below you’ll find links to each part of our interview with Michael Uslan (conducted by Pete Verra) in honor of BOF’s 20th anniversary.  Enjoy! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

PART 1: Acquiring the Film Rights to Batman & Benjamin Melniker

PART 2: BATMAN ’89 and Tim Burton

PART 3: Adapting Comics to Film

PART 4: The Genius of Christopher Nolan

PART 5: Studios and the “Business” of Comic Book Movies

PART 6: BATMAN BEGINS and More on Chris Nolan

PART 7: Rapid-Fire Questions with Mr. Uslan

PART 8: Michaels Uslan’s Tribute to BATMAN ON FILM & Jett