For a while, fans of Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN UNIVERSE have wondered (hoped) if Robert Pattinson would show up in THE PENGUIN HBO series as Batman.

According to film critic/columnist Jeff Sneider (via THE HOT MIC YouTube show), based on some recent scuttlebutt making the ’rounds, it’s going to happen — though we should all keep it filed under “Solid Rumor” for the time being.

I’ve always figured that it was a strong possibility considering how into and devoted RP is to this BatVerse.  Plus, since THE PENGUIN picks up right after the events of THE BATMAN and leads right into THE BATMAN: PART II, it makes sense if The Batman would show up at some point.  With that said, I don’t expect it to be anything big — probably nothing more than an extended cameo as Batman or perhaps just as Bruce Wayne.

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We shall see soon enough as THE PENGUIN begins filming in NYC very soon (hell, they might’ve already started) and the series will make its debut sometime late this year or early 2024. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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