The wild family road trip takes a few exciting pit stops in this month’s WHITE KNIGHT PRESENTS: GENERATION JOKER #2.

Picking up right where the last issue left off, Jack, Jackie, and Bryce are all front and center with a live puppet show, orchestrated by the Ventriloquist’s (Arnold Wesker) daughter, in a big, elaborate production. She’s still not over the demise of her father, which happened back in the pages of CURSE OF THE WHITE KNIGHT. Meanwhile, Harley finds out Neo Joker (don’t call her that!) has been keeping in touch with someone close to her, Agents Prince and Stewart are hot on the heels of the kids, and Bruce quickly leaves West for a family emergency.

The last issue had a lot of story going on, and this issue doesn’t let up either. There’s some great pacing going on here from co-writers Katana Collins and Clay McCormack. While the kids are definitely the focus, checking in on the other characters of this universe helps us get a broader understanding of the WHITE KNIGHT story itself. While this issue gives us some good action bits, it’s the character development that’s the real strength of the book. Near the opening, Jack says that everything about him is “fading away”, which brings an interesting avenue to turn bring up and explore. His children also continue being exposed to more backstories of their father that their mom tried to keep hidden from them, which adds more weight to the dynamic.

A lot of good stuff here.

Mirka Andolfo continues to excel with each scene she’s given. I gushed last month about how her style both fits into this universe, yet has its own look. There’s a fun Manga-ness to it to keep the story fun and the characters likable, yet also enough dark coloring and shading to have you on edge that another shock is just around the corner. I hope it’s not the end of the former “Deuces Wild”, as I really enjoyed the puppet show Andolfo has drawn us there these first two issues.

Overall, another fun chapter, with just the right blend of action and drama to keep us invested, and excited, for the next issue.

Note: Scarface teases another “dead heavy from Arkham” that has also come back. Who do you think it is? – Ryan Lower