Ep. 122 | The Future of DC and Batman on Film


On the 122nd edition of Batman-On-Film.com’s THE BOF SOCIAL HOUR podcast, BOF’s Founder/EIC Bill “Jett” Ramey is joined by Senior BOF Contributors Ryan Lower and Peter Verra to discuss the following…

  • What is the status and future of DC on film after THE FLASH bombed — is the DC brand dead?
  • What would Bill, Ryan, and Peter do if they were in charge of Warner Bros./DC Studios?
  • What’s going on with Batman on film?  Should THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD be pushed back until Matt Reeves, Robert Pattinson, and that team is done with THE BATMAN SAGA?
  • And MUCH more…including witty banter!

Listen via the player(s) below or wherever you get your podcasts.