The Best of Bruce Wayne on Film (Part 2 of 2)


When we talk retrospectively about Batman on film, we tend to focus on Batman and not the man wearing the cape and cowl, Bruce Wayne.

In honor of the 80th anniversary of Batman, below you’ll find the best “Bruce Wayne on Film Moments” to date (excluding the two 1940s Columbia serials — no offense to Lewis Wilson and Robert Lowery intended).

Click here for Part 1 featuring the best “Bruce Wayne Moments” from BATMAN ’66 through BATMAN & ROBIN.)

“Sycophantic Suck-ups” (BATMAN BEGINS)

With Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson) and the League of Shadows about to burn Wayne Manor and Gotham to the ground, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) clearing out his mansion as fast as possible by pretending to be a total A-hole is brilliant.  On the outside, it looks as if spoiled billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne is throwing a drunken temper tantrum.  But in reality, it’s Batman saving all his birthday party guests’ lives.


“Bruce Throws Havey Dent A Fundraiser” (THE DARK KNIGHT)

The Dent fundraiser at Bruce Wayne’s (Christian Bale) is mostly known for The Joker (Heath Ledger) crashing it.  But it’s also a great Bruce Wayne scene as well and the audience actually gets to see all three sides of Bruce Wayne: Fake/Public Bruce Wayne, Private Bruce Wayne (known only to Rachel, Alfred, and Lucius Fox), and The Batman (in and out of costume).

Not shown in the clip above is one of the most badass moments in Batman on film history: Bruce dismantling a rifle without even looking at it. Or should I say, The Batman dismantling a rifle?


The ending segment of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is brilliant, moving, and my favorite ending to any Batman movie to date.

A perfect ending to a perfect trilogy.


“Running Into the Battle of Metropolis” (BATMAN v SUPERMAN)

There’s not too much of either Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) or Batman (also Ben Affleck) to like in BvS, but the scene of Bruce Running into the destruction during the “Battle of Metropolis” (Superman vs. Zod) to try to help/save folks is about as “Batman” as you can get.



Look, I’m not a fan of JUSTICE LEAGUE (though if forced to pick one, I’d watch it over both BvS and BATMAN RETURNS any day), but I do kinda like it when Bary Allen meets Bruce Wayne.

It must be noted that I have owned a Batman T-shirt that says “Money is the Greatest Superpower” long before the “I’m rich” line was included in JL.


So there you have it folks, my picks for the best “Bruce Wayne on Film Moments” from the last 10 live-action Batman movies. Let us know what you think of the choices (including those from Part 1) and if you would’ve picked others, tell us in the comments section below as well.

Oh yeah, if I ranked ’em, what would be number 1 on the list?  The ending of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES when Bruce tips his glass to Alfred in the cafe in Italy.  – Bill “Jett” Ramey