BOF’s Bat-Timeline – “Batman in 1969”


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MARCH: Catwoman is featured in BATMAN #210 sporting a new red and blue costume.

MAY: Batman’s 30th anniversary is marked in DETECTIVE COMICS #387.

NOVEMBER: Alfred’s last name of Pennyworth is revealed in BATMAN #216. The character’s original last name, Beagle, was now attributed to the Earth-2 version of the character.

DECEMBER: Batman gets another revamp via the story “One Bullet Too Many” from BATMAN#394. Bruce is left alone with Alfred when Dick Grayson leaves for college. Bruce decides to leave Wayne Manor for a penthouse on top of the Wayne Foundation building in downtown Gotham. A new Batcave was built under the Wayne Foundation skyscraper.

DECEMBER: Batman gets a new Batmobile yet again – a turbo-charged sports car – in DETECTIVE COMICS #394.