James Gunn: THE SUICIDE SQUAD “Is What It Is”


While out promoting BRIGHTBURN (a crazy-ass “What if a superman came to Earth from another planet as a child, wasn’t handsome and good, and became a F’n villain” horror movie!), the film’s producer — James Gunn – was asked about his upcoming THE SUICIDE SQUAD, which he’s writing and directing.

Check it…

JG won’t tell you whether or not it’s reboot or sequel, but I will: It’s BOTH.

I know that blows the mind of the shared universe/continuity/it’s ALL gotta connect police, but that’s exactly what TSS is.

I’ll be its own thing, but won’t negate — or even mention — its predecessor.   AND…

I’m not thinking we’ll be seeing Batfleck in this one. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

(Thanks to Rick Shew — who thinks he does stuff for BOF — for the heads up, I guess.)