Bat-Timeline – “Batman in 1970”


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The days of “Pow, Zap, and Wham!” of the 1960s and well as the 
sci-fi silliness of the 1950s was gone starting in January of 1970. 
The Dark Knight was back! 
JANUARY: Batman returned to his dark roots and back to being a “Creature of the Night” starting with DETECTIVE COMICS#395 under the helm of writer Dennis O’Neil and artist Neal Adams. This issue’s story, “The Secret of the Waiting Graves,” is a classic Batman tale and would set the tone for the dark and serious that we’ve known for the last 45 years.

JUNE: Kirk Langstrom becomes Man-Bat in DETECTIVE COMICS #400. Over the years, Man-Bat would sometimes be a foe and sometime and ally of The Dark Knight.

NOVEMBER: “The Bat-Squad” appeared for the first time in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #92.

NOVEMBER: The Ten-Eyed Man made his debut in BATMAN #226.

NOVEMBER: The League of Assassins appears for the first time in a Batman comic book in DETECTIVE COMICS #405.

DECEMBER: Writer Denny O’Neil and artist Neal Adams reimagine a classic Batman story, “Batman Versus the Vampire” from DETECTIVE COMICS #31 (1940), in BATMAN #227. The story, titled “The Demon of Gothos Mansion.”