Via the HAPPY SAD CONFUSED podcast, THE DARK KNIGH TRILOGY co-writer David Goyer had a lot to say about, well, a lot of DC on film things…including who he wanted as Batman in BATMAN BEGINS, Christopher Nolan and a 4th Batman movie, why no MAN OF STEEL 2 and WB’s desire for their own “MCU,” and more.  Check this out…

Would Christopher Nolan do a 4th Batman movie?

“I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. And I wouldn’t want to do another Batman project either.”

Jett’s Take: 100% and no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  In fact, he told me himself back in early 2012 after he screened the prologue to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and I got to visit with him and Emma Thomas 1 on 1 (or 1 on 2, I guess) afterwards.  No way Chris does another Batman film or another superhero movies…unless you consider James Bond as a superhero.

Christopher Nolan on the set of THE DARK KNIGHT

Who he wanted to cast as Batman/Bruce Wayne in BATMAN BEGINS

Goyer confirmed that he did indeed advocate Jake Gyllenhaal to be cast over Christian Bale.  But I love Bale,” he added.

Jett’s Take: This is correct and it’s not a secret that Goyer wanted JG over CB.  I have no issue with Gyllenhaal and maybe he would’ve made a great young Batman, but I think Bale was the right choice and history speaks for itself.

Christian Bale as Batman in 2005’s BATMAN BEGINS

Who did Warner Bros. want as the main villain of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?

Per Goyer, while attending the premiere of THE DARK KNIGHT back in 2008, the head of Warner Bros. told him that the main villain needed to be The Riddler and Leonardo DiCaprio needed to play him.   “After ‘The Dark Knight,’ the head of Warner Bros. at the premiere said, ‘You got to do the Riddler. Leo as the Riddler. You got to tell Chris, Leo as the Riddler.’ And that’s not the way we work,” said Goyer.

Jett’s Take: Yep, that’s true as well and it’s the old way of doing comic book/superhero films and lazy as hell.  Goyer and Nolan came up with the story first and then added characters that fit, not the other way around.

Did John Blake succeed Bruce Wayne as Batman at the end of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Goyer’s answer?  “Yeah, for sure.”

Jett’s Take:  Hard to argue with the guy who co-wrote the story/script…though I did ask the dude who also co-wrote the story/script and directed the film.  His response?  “That’s left up to interpretation.”


Goyer wanted to do MAN OF STEEL 2 instead of BATMAN v SUPERMAN and explains why it didn’t happen…

“I know the pressure we were getting from Warner Bros., which was, ‘We need our MCU! We need our MCU!’ And I was like let’s not run before we walk,” Goyer said. “The other thing that was difficult at the time was there was this revolving door of executives at Warner Bros. and DC. Every 18 months someone new would come in. We were just getting whiplash. Every new person was like, ‘We’re going to go bigger!'”

Jett’s Take: Don’t even get me started!  But I’m started, SO…

I’ve said for years via my platform here at BOF, be it in written or podcast form, that a true Superman sequel to MAN OF STEEL should’ve happened, not BATMAN v SUPERMAN.  Clearly, Goyer felt the same way and I’m sure Chris did as well.  The plan was for MOS to be Superman’s BATMAN BEGINS, not a springboard to a shared DC cinematic universe.  If they had done that, they might not be in the mess they are currently in when it comes to DC on film being a “dead brand,” other than Batman of course.

Furthermore, they should’ve done what Nolan suggested and simply focus on making the best DC films possible — like those that made up THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY and even MAN OF STEEL (as I’ve said many times, I borderline love that film) — and not worry about creating a shared universe ala Disney’s MCU.

But alas, it is what it is.

For the full interview CLICK HERE to check it out via the player below. – Bill “Jett” Ramey