Apparently, a BATMAN BEYOND animated film was pitched to Warner Bros. by SPIDER-VERSE production designer and producer Yuhki Demers and director Patrick Harpin with the former dropping a few concept art pics on X/Twitter. Check out his tweet below…


Why NOT do this?

If the answer is “Because it’s not part of the new DCU shared universe,” then my response would be “Isn’t that what the ELEWORLDS banner is for?”ย  If the answer is still “Because it’s not part of the new DCU shared universe,” then all I’ve got is these two abbreviations: SMH and LOL.

In all seriousness (and I’m not saying I haven’t been serious here), if that is the main reason they won’t go forward with a BATMAN BEYOND animated film — it not being part of a shared universe — then it’s yet another reason I’m against DC shared universes.ย  They put limits on what you can do and are also creatively stifling.ย  How ’bout just making the best DC movies — live-action and animated for big and small screens — and connectively, continuity, and a shared universe be damned?

Of course, it may not happen for other legitimate reasons, but I know how I’d bet my (MONOPOLY) money on what the real reason is.

This isn’t the first try at BATMAN BEYOND as a feature film. Back in the late 90s/early 2000s, director Boaz Yakin along with writers Paul Dini and Alan Burnett.ย  Recently, Christina Hodson was working on a live-action BEYOND script that would’ve starred Michael Keaton as the aged Bruce Wayne.ย  THE FLASH and WB rebooting their DC on film franchise killed that one.

Check out the tweet for the full story. – Bill “Jett” Ramey