Certainly didn’t see THIS coming…unless I did.

Warner Bros. Pictures has announced that Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN: PART II will be split into two parts and released six months apart.  THE BATMAN: PART II: PART 1 will hit theaters on October 2, 2026, while THE BATMAN: PART II: PART 2 will bow on April 2, 2027.

“Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Studios are firmly committed to Matt Reeves and THE BATMAN SAGA,” said DC Studios’ co-head honcho James Gunn. “Matt felt that it was best for THE BATMAN: PART II to be split into two parts. We agreed that this was the right move for his vision of the film to be fully realized,” said Gunn.

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In the statement, Reeves thanked Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Studios for their support and said that THE BATMAN SAGA will still include a trilogy of movies…and THE BATMAN: PART II should still be viewed as one picture. “We remain committed to three films,” Reeves said. “I consider THE BATMAN: PART II to be one movie,” he continued. “While finishing the script, I couldn’t bring myself to cut anything out. All the characters included and events in the film were too important.”  He also revealed that the movie takes place over a timeline of 20 years in Gotham with THE BATMAN: PART III taking place two decades after the events of PART II.

Wow, I didn’t expect this to happen.  I guess it’s cool, right?  It’s like we’re getting an extra film…unless we aren’t.

For the full press release, CLICK HERE. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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