Trade Report Updates WB’s DC on Film Future


THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER has an excellent article that provides an update on the direction of DC on film at Warner Bros. post-JUSTICE LEAGUE — as well as the DCOF exec shake-up at the studio.

I’ll let you head on over to THR to read it for yourself, so I’ll simply lay out what the piece says about the future of Batman on film.  But the bottom line is that new DC on film head honcho Walter Hamada inherited a sh*t-show (which should be painfully obvious) and he’s cleaning up the mess.

  • From the article’s subtitle: “…the studio plots an Affleck-less Batman….”  If you’re objective, it’s obvious to see that there’s no good reason for him to return as Batman.
  • Director Matt Reeves has indeed turned in the first act of his screenplay and this took place around  Memorial Day.
  • Reeves’ script supposedly revolves around a younger Batman (as opposed to the nearly 50-year old one we saw Ben Affleck play).  I suppose that Reeves was indeed allowed to do his own thing agreeing to sign on.
  • Though the studio has no comment, it’s unlikely that Affleck will play Batman again (nor should he).

I have A LOT to say about all of this, but I’m going to wait until tomorrow’s new BOF Vlog to drop it on y’all.  However, I will say that via the trades (and THR in particular), the studio HAS been telling us that Affleck’s done for nearly a year folks.

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Also the article states that Warner Bros. is no longer going be dating and announcing films way in advance.  Hallelujah!  If you’re a regular reader of BOF, you know I’ve been bangin’ the drum for this for a LONG time now.  So if you’re expecting a big DC on film presentation at San Diego Comic Con next month, you can probably forget that.  They should shine the spotlight on two films only: AQUAMAN and SHAZAM!

Anyway, I’ll let ‘er rip tomorrow on the vlog.  In the meantime, post your thoughts in the comments section below, or over at BOF’s Facebook Discussion Group. – Bill “Jett” Ramey