Below you’ll find some very cool art from BATMAN #50 thanks to the fine folks at DC Comics!

I personally do not believe anything is spoiler-ish (there’s nothing in any pics that give away anything in the story — trust me, I’ve already read it), I’m going to add a SPOILER WARNING just in case.  If you don’t want to see anything ’til you read the issue, then you may want to skip the pics, FYI.

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Also, BOF’s reviews of both BATMAN #50 and CATWOMAN #1 (by John Bierly and Ryan Lower respectively) will drop tomorrow, July 4, 2018.  Oh yeah, so will episode #120 of the BOF Podcast where Ryan Hoss, Justin Kowalski, and yours truly discuss BATMAN #50 in great detail.


So, do The Batman and The Cat go through with it and tie the knot? Is it Bat/Cat 4Evah&Evah? You’ll be able to find out in a matter of hours! – Bill “Jett” Ramey