Arguably the best Batman story ever in the media, BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM, returns to the big screen after 25 years at 2pm and 7pm only on November 12, 2018 at a theater relatively near you!

Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill at their best!

All the accolades go out to Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Eric Radomski, Andrea Romano, Tim Ruegger, and Alan Burnett!

A special tip of the cowl to the Producer with me on this, the late Benjamin Melniker.

Without the human endurance contest, we endured for ten long years, no great writers and filmmakers would have had the opportunity to work their magic with a dark and serious Batman.

God bless ya, Ben! – Michael Uslan


Dr. Michael Uslan is a Professor of Practice at the Indiana University Media School. He is the Executive Producer of many award-winning movies, including Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of JusticeThe Lego Movie; and The Dark Knight TrilogyBatman BeginsThe Dark Knight & The Dark Knight Rises. He is also the Executive Producer of a wide range of TV movies, animated TV Series, and documentaries. He won an Emmy Award for “Best Animated Series” with his production of Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? ®

Dr. Uslan was the instructor of both the first accredited college course and correspondence course on comic books (Indiana University 1971), and the author of the first textbook on comics, The Comic Book In America. He has authored a wide range of books and graphic novels, including, America At War- A History Of War Comics; Mysteries In Space- A History Of Science Fiction Comics; Best Of Archie; The Comic Book Revolution, and his memoir, The Boy Who Loved Batman. He worked with his friend and mentor, Stan Lee, on many comic books, including their most recent initiative, Just Imagine.

He is the recipient of the World’s first Doctorate of Comic Books, Monmouth University 2012, and also has a JD from Indiana University School of Law; M.S, Urban Education, Indiana University School of Education; and BA, History from Indiana University.