Kit Harington is the Betting Fave to be the Next Batman

As Nightwing maybe, but not The Batman!


Per MYBOOKIE.AG by way of ODDSSHARK.COM, Kit Harington is the betting favorite to be the next Batman on film.  Jon Hamm, Riz Ahmed, Ryan Gosling, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt round out the top 5.  Will Smith has the worst odds at +10,000.  Here’s the entire list…

Kit Harington +165
Jon Hamm +200
Riz Ahmed +300
Ryan Gosling +350
Joseph Gordon Levitt +400
Scott Adkins +450
Ben Affleck +500
Jeffrey Dean Morgan +650
Jake Gyllenhaal +700
Armie Hammer +800
Ben Barnes +1000
Richard Armitage +1400
Darce Montgomery +1500
Matthew Goode +2500
Tom Hopper +4000
Ryan Guzman +4500
Will Smith +10000
The Field +650

Harington is too small for the role in my opinion (and yes, I know Michael Keaton is short).  I could see him as Nightwing though.

My favorite on this list is Armie Hammer at +800.  He’s a great actor and he’s totally physically suited to play Batman.  However, if I were a betting man, I’d put money on the field at +650.

Anyone on this list tickle your fancy?  If you had to bet on someone on this list, who would it be?  Place your bet and post your take in the comments section below! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

(Thanks to “Chris C.” for the heads up!)

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