Mailbag Question of the Week – 10/19/2018


Hola!  Welcome to a new weekly column here on BOF — the BOF Mailbag Question of the Week!

Each week, I’ll pick a question from the BOF Mailbag (via Twitter, email, BOF on Facebook, or on the BOF Facebook Fan Page) and answer it.  The winner may even win a cool BOF sticker or button (see right)!

Now, on with today’s question…

After reading your article about the Flash movie, as well as WB moving on from Cavil, and Affleck, I had a quick question in regards to The Flash.

You mentioned in the article, and multiple times in the past, that you don’t think WB is going to make a Flash film. While I agree that it doesn’t seem to be high on WB’s DC film agenda going forward, I wonder why WB would go through multiple directors, and writers taking a crack on the film? Even if a film doesn’t get made, I’m assuming director’s, and writer’s get paid if they work on a project, even if it is preliminary work. Also wouldn’t bringing in a 3rd director show that they keep wanting to at least give it a try?

Also, you mentioned WB is trying to get as far from the BVS/JL continuity as possible. While I agree with that approach, do you think they’ll try the big hitter characters like Superman, Green Lantern, and The Flash again in 5+ years once they hopefully rebuild their brand?

Lastly, if Reeve’s Batman films in summer 2019, as the article hinted, would a summer 2020 be the possible landing spot?

As always thanks again for all the hard work. (Bryan B.)

JETT SAYS: Hi Bryan!

WB “develops” films all the time with directors, writers, etc. that never come to fruition.   Hell with THE FLASH, they are on like director number 57! I actually hope I’m wrong about a Flash film actually happening.  If I am, I don’t think it will star Ezra Miller or be tied — continuity-wise — to the events from BATMAN v SUPERMAN or JUSTICE LEAGUE.

As far as Superman on film, yes, I positive we’ll see another Superman movie on the big screen again…just not sure about when.

I hate to say this — and I’d hate to think it’s true — but the question of whether or not Superman is appealing to the mainstream audience today is worthy of discourse.

When SUPERMAN RETURNS came out back in 2006, people complained that it was too much of an homage to the Christopher Reeve original and that Superman didn’t “punch anything.”

And then when MAN OF STEEL came out — which was tonally 180 degrees opposite of RETURNS — people complained that it was too “dark and violent.”

It’s my hope that someday relatively soon, WB finds a filmmaker that has a strong vision and passion for Superman and will deliver a great Superman movie.  (I still maintain that if WB had stayed the course and made a true “Superman” sequel to MAN OF STEEL, we wouldn’t be in this DC on film mess we’re in today.)

I really feel for Superman fans right now.

As far as the future of Green Lantern cinematic endeavors, I’m not sure, but I’m hopeful.  I know that a GREEN LANTERN CORPS film has been “announced,” but that means nothing (and WB needs to stop that “announcing” nonsense).

And finally, I’ll speculate about a possible release date for Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN per your request.

Bryan, it’s going to depend on when it actually starts filming.  If it goes in front of the camera early in 2019 (like January, February, or March), then dropping in 2020 is doable.  After that — Spring and Summer of next year — I think a release date in 2021 is more likely.  We shall see soon! – Bill “Jett” Ramey