The Story of “Car Wash Batman”


In honor of my beloved Batman’s 80th anniversary, let me tell you the story of the Car Wash Batman

On a recent almost-Spring Sunday afternoon, I took my SUV to my local car wash to, well, wash my car.

After I came out of the tube of soap and brushes, I pulled into a stall to dry-off, vacuum, and detail it.

As I was putting the final touches of this car-cleaning ritual — applying tire-shine to the, well, tires — I noticed a very small, gray and black object down by my right foot…

Much to my surprise, it was Batman!

Since there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to leave Batman just laying there, I brought him home…

Once I cleaned him off and polished him up a bit, I gave him in a new — and permanent — home in the BOF home office alongside his Batman brethren…

Doesn’t he seem very happy now?

So, if you ever see a Batman stranded in the parking lot of a gas station, convenience store, mall, stadium, etc., DO NOT leave him there!  Please, please, bring him home and give him a, well, home.

And THAT is the story of the “Car Wash Batman.”

Look y’all, I write this a tongue firmly planted in cheek and a wink in my eye.

This was really nothing more than me getting an unplanned chance to spread the Batman love!

But for real, what’re the odds of me — a dude who is a lifelong Batman fan and who runs a Batman website — randomly washing my car and finding a little plastic Batman that came from a fast food happy meal or once sat upon a cake top?

Very slim.

That’s why I think this was Bat-divine intervention…unless it isn’t.

Now, can someone WAY more talented than me write a song about this? – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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