Pattinson the New Batman on Film? Not So Fast – UPDATED!


UPDATE (5/18/2019)

According to CNN, a Warner Bros. representative told the news network the following in regards to Robert Pattinson being cast as Batman: “We do not have a deal.”

BOF can confirm that this is indeed the case through info obtained from 3 unrelated sources. While Pattinson is the frontrunner and apparently their guy, others remain in contention.

Stay tuned! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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The Original Report

Last night, VARIETY broke a story saying that Robert Pattinson was director Matt Reeves/WB’s top choice be the new Batman on film.  And while the deal wasn’t yet complete, it was expected to close very shortly.

While I totally believe the report to be spot-on accurate as I don’t believe VARIETY would go that far out on a limb if Pattinson wasn’t going to be the choice, another trade — THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER — has a little different spin on the report.

Here’s how THR worded it…

While a deal has not yet been made and it is unclear if there is an offer on the table, Robert Pattinson is a top contender play Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming DC movie for Warner Bros.

It is also unclear who else is on Reeves’ short list, but other names that have been floated alongside Pattinson’s over the last month have been Armie Hammer, Nicholas Hoult and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

I can confirm that along with Pattinson, I too have been hearing both Hammer and Hoult were on the “Batman Wish List.”  In fact, back in February (2019), I hinted about all 3 in an article of my own “Batman Wish List” which you can read RIGHT HERE.  Personally, I just heard about Taylor-Johnson more recently.

With all that said, I think that the new Batman on film will be — and probably already is — Robert Pattinson.  Since the story was a VARIETY exclusive, THR had to word their story a bit differently.  Oh yeah, I tweeted this back in February…

One other thing…

There’s been buzz for the last month or so that the casting of the new Batman on film was imminent, so that’s what this was all about back on the last day of April…

While the news of Pattinson’s casting isn’t “official” as of yet, it kinda is.  So, with recent reports saying that the commencement of filming would get pushed back from November 2019 to early 2020, I wonder if that’s still the case?

If I had to guess, with Pattinson working on director Christopher Nolan’s new film for a good chunk of the remainder of 2019, I suspect — as I have always — that filming will begin in early 2020.

Regardless, THE BATMAN is coming and will hit theaters on June 25, 2021…and I’m SUPER excited! – Bill “Jett” Ramey