Pattinson on Playing Batman: When People Doubt You, It’s Quite Galvanizing


THE BATMAN star Robert Pattinson recently sat down with the LA TIMES (along with other actors) where he was asked, basically, “Why Batman?”  Here’s what he had to say…

There’s a different feeling when you’re doing something which you know there’s a big built-in audience for, an expectation from the audience. It’s kind of fun sometimes to feel that pressure. I love doing something which is quite unusual and trying to help it find its audience as well. There’s this battle sometimes, especially when people really doubt, really, really don’t want to see you [in the role]. It’s quite galvanizing. And particularly there’s something about Batman. It’s always been very attractive to me.

I’m quite sure there’s a bit of “I’ll f***ing show ’em!” now that he’s been cast as Batman as the usual suspects lost their mind when it was announced — and that’s a good thing.

THE BATMAN hits theaters on June 25, 2021.  To get caught up and/or stay up to date on the project, visit BOF’s Everything About THE BATMAN Page. – Bill “Jett” Ramey