Why Batman, Robert Pattinson?


While on COVID-19 lockdown in London in an apartment paid for by Warner Bros. while he shoots THE BATMAN, Robert Pattinson did an interview with GQ, Robert Pattinson talked a bit about why he chose to play Batman. Here are a few blurbs…

On why THE BATMAN was something he wanted to do and what is the downside?

I think sometimes the downsides—which I’ve definitely thought about—the downsides kind of seem like upsides. I kind of like the fact that not only are there very, very, very well-done versions of the character which seem pretty definitive, but I was thinking that there are multiple definitive playings of the character. I was watching the making of BATMAN & ROBIN the other day. And even then, George Clooney was saying that he was worried about the fact that it’s sort of been done, that a lot of the ground you should cover with the character has been already covered. And that’s in ’96, ’97?

Apparently, he likes the challenge of playing Batman was well…

And then there’s Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck’s one. And then I was thinking, it’s fun when more and more ground has been covered. Like, where is the gap? You’ve seen this sort of lighter version, you’ve seen a kind of jaded version, a kind of more animalistic version. And the puzzle of it becomes quite satisfying, to think: Where’s my opening? And also, do I have anything inside me which would work if I could do it? And then also, it’s a legacy part, right? I like that. There’s so few things in life where people passionately care about it before it’s even happened. You can almost feel that pushback of anticipation, and so it kind of energizes you a little bit. It’s different from when you’re doing a part and there’s a possibility that no one will even see it. Right? In some ways it’s, I don’t know… It makes you a little kind of spicy. [laughs]


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For one thing, the challenge of not only playing Batman, but doing something new and different is appealing to him — and the doubters make him, as he said, “spicy.”  Plus Batman, like James Bond, is indeed a “legacy character” and there’s a lot of prestige in getting to put on the cape and cowl.

CLICK HERE to check out the full interview — and see the pictures that accompany it that RP took himself. – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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