Is a New ARKHAM Video Game Coming?


As the title says, does WB Montreal have another BATMAN: ARKHAM video game in the works?  That’s the scuttlebutt based on a recent Tweet from WBM


Apparently, the image on the tweet is similar to the logo of the Gotham City Police Department seen in the ARKHAM games.

And since this is coming from WB Montreal, it may be a sequel to BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS that they produced.

Since I’m certainly not a gaming expert, I reached out to BOF’s Ryan Hoss who is one — Ryan actually works in the video game business.  Here’s what he had to say…

After the release of BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT in 2015, Arkhamverse fans have been anticipating a new game in the series. We still don’t know what game that Rocksteady Studios (who originated the Arkham franchise) is working on, but last September, WB Games Montreal (developers of BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS) posted some cryptic images on their Twitter:

Speculation has been running wild, with lots of theories about the adversaries or organizations these symbols might represent: The League of Assassins? The Order of St. Dumas? The Court of Owls? Even Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad? Or ALL of them? The “Capture the Knight” label certainly infers that someone or something is after our hero.

Things had been quiet since last September, but a couple of days ago, WB Montreal resumed their viral marketing with another mysterious emblem. It all raises more questions than answers, but I’m personally excited to see how it all shakes out! – Ryan Hoss

So there you have it BOF’ers.  Post your thoughts in the comments section below! – Bill “Jett” Ramey