Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, Just enjoy THE BATMAN Hype


By Kris Burke (@KRISBURKE)

With a run-up to any new film in a major franchise (like, well, Batman!), fans are eager to get their hands on as much information and many pictures as possible.

When you’re as starved for new things in a previously franchise (with all due respect to Zack Snyder and the “DCEU,” there hasn’t been a proper Batman film since THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in 2012), it’s hard to blame fans for soaking up as much as they can even if it spoils the film.

To those fans (as well as to myself, to be honest), I must say RESIST!

Believe me, I want to see everything as quickly as possible too. It’s tempting to scour Reddit and the “usual suspects” in terms of seeking spoilers but I urge you not to shoot yourself in the heart like that. For the first time in nearly a decade, we have a new solo Batman film to watch develop and the first of another likely trilogy to boot! I implore you to just enjoy the ride and let things happen as they happen.

Why is that so important? Because everything will be over before you know it. It feels just like yesterday I was reading BOF in 2003-2004 about Darren Aronofsky potentially directing a YEAR ONE film and then Christopher Nolan came on board then *POOF* it was 2011 and we were watching Nolan put the finishing touches on THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY.

Even though it was announced not much more than a year after RISES was released that we were already getting another Batman in the MAN OF STEEL “sequel” via Ben Affleck. My thought was that even though we were already getting another Batman series (or so we ALL thought), I was still feeling some guilt for not enjoying more about the Nolan movies while they were in production. I never sought out spoilers but I regret not just taking in every article, every TV spot, every Batman display in stores and just enjoying the hell out of them, you know what I mean?

Because sooner than you know it, the movie is out then it’s on your living room shelf faster than ever and then it’s OVER. Sure you can go back and enjoy the film itself whenever you want but you can never duplicate the atmosphere itself again and that time of the film being created is the most fun time to be a fan.

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Robert Pattinson as Batman by John Regan (not official)

So this is why I implore you to not nitpick things like the logo on the Gotham City PD cars (I haven’t seen this criticism exactly but you get where I am going) and just enjoy the ride. Don’t spoil it for yourself and others. How often do you go into a movie spoiled and in hindsight think “I wish I didn’t know that?” Reacting to big moments with an audience is one of the coolest parts of the moviegoing experience. The Joker’s magic trick in THE DARK KNIGHT? I’ll never forget my and everyone else’s reaction to that at our midnight showing.

Of course, it’s ok to be critical initially of some things that don’t immediately strike you, but let’s not declare the film ruined until you’ve seen the actual move itself. You don’t have to love everything right away, but I urge you to withhold final judgment once the film is in theaters.

As I step down off of my soapbox, please just enjoy the ride. It’ll be over before we know but hopefully, by the time it’s done, Batman will be the first character to get two definitive trilogies and fans will be happy once again.

Remember, #TheBatmanIsComing. Soak it up, Bat-fans! – Kris Burke

THE BATMAN is currently filming in the UK.  Follow the production on BOF’s Everything About THE BATMAN Page.

Kris Burke was born and raised on two things: Batman and Green Bay Packers football. He was an extra in THE DARK KNIGHT and has a bachelor’s degree in radio/tv/film production. He’s also a staff writer over at Acme Packing Company covering the Green Bay Packers.  Follow him on Twitter @KRISBURKE.