What Does THE BATMAN “Start of Principal Production” Press Release Tell Us?


Warner Bros. has issued a press release announcing that principal photography on director Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN — which will be the first solo Batman film since THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in 2012 — has commenced in the UK.


So, what does this press release tell us?

Well, not all that much…but there are a few cool and informative nuggets in there!  Let’s discuss…

THE BATMAN is Indeed Titled “The Batman”

“The Batman” has been rumored to be the title of this project even when Ben Affleck was still attached to write, direct, and star in it.

Regardless of the fact that Affleck quit/was invited to leave, Matt Reeves must’ve concluded that “The Batman” was a cool title and decided to keep it — even though Reeves’ incarnation of THE BATMAN has nothing to do with Affleck’s doomed-from-the-beginning version.

It’s a great title and one that I hoped a Batman movie would someday be called.

And “someday” is now!

The Main Characters Are Set

And they would be Bruce Wayne Batman, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Edward Nashton/The Riddler, Oswald Cobblepott/The Penguin, Alfred Pennyworth, James Gordon (of the GCPD), Carmine Falcone, Gil Colson (Gotham City D.A.), and Bella Reál (a Gotham city candidate for mayor).

Will there be more characters in THE BATMAN?  Absolutely!  In fact, I think that Matt Reeves has a few more tricks up his sleeves — which we may not find out until the film is released.

No Two-Face…Probably

At one time, Two-Face was supposed to be included in the film.  From what I heard, the character was removed during script polishes/rewrites and didn’t make the final draft.

Additionally, the district attorney of Gotham will be Gil Colson (Peter Sarsgaard), and not Harvey Dent.  Perhaps THE BATMAN takes place before Dent is elected as D.A.?  Or, maybe he’s already had the position and is already Two-Face — even though we won’t see the character in the movie…probably.

Remember, Matt Reeves has said that a rogues’ gallery already exists; how full it is at the time of THE BATMAN remains to be seen.

“Detective Batman” Will Be Emphasized 

While I can make a case that Batman has been shown displaying his “detective skills” in just about every live-action Batman movie, it looks as if Matt Reeves is going to spotlight it in THE BATMAN.  Here’s how the character of Batman is described in the press release…

“Gotham City’s vigilante detective, Batman”

I dig it.

The article continues after the video!

James Gordon is Just a Cop

In WB’s press release, James Gordon is described as “GCPD’s James Gordon,” and not “GCPD Commissioner Gordon.”  Since THE BATMAN will feature a Batman in the early years of his career (year three, allegedly), it looks like Gordon isn’t yet Gotham’s police commissioner.


That’s how THE BATMAN has been described and it looks like that’s going to be the case.

Just take a look at the main villains, for example — Catwoman (Is she really a villain?), The Riddler, The Penguin, and Carmine Falcone — none of the have any superpowers.

Besides “grounded,” I’ve been told that this movie will be “gritty” and “street-level.”


The Cast is Pretty Darn Good

I was asked by a BOF’er on a recent BOF Mailbag how Reeves’ cast for THE BATMAN compares to Chris Nolan’s for BATMAN BEGINS.  I gave the nod to Nolan and BEGINS, but Reeves has put together one hell of a group of actors for TB.  And you know what…

Who knows who else Reeves has cast for this movie ’til we see it?

No Logo or Picture of Battinson…Yet

I was a little surprised that Warner Bros. didn’t include a picture of the film’s official logo along with the start of production press release.  I thought this…

…might’ve been a version of the official logo, but was told that it most likely is not.

I’ve heard that they’re holding off until after BIRDS OF PREY is released on February 7th.

Regardless, we’re very very close to seeing not only the logo, but Pattinson in the Batsuit and the new Batmobile as well.

So, how excited are you for THE BATMAN?  What’s your take on the info provided in the press release?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

THE BATMAN is currently filming in the UK and will be released on June 25, 2021.  Check BOF’s Everything About THE BATMAN Page. – Bill “Jett” Ramey