The World is Shut Down/March 2020 BOF Mailbag #2


Greetings from BOF Headquarters in the great state of Texas!

I hope everyone reading this worldwide is safe, healthy, and doing what is necessary to get past this GD Coronavirus pandemic.

I figured a new BOF Mailbag would at least give us all something to do — me writing and you all reading it — while we hunker down and wait this thing out.

Let’s get to it! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

Does any of the cast, crew, have Corona?!

JETT SAYS: I don’t know about Corona, but they have Miller Lite, Shiner Bock, and Guinness.

In all seriousness, I think we would’ve heard by now if someone in the cast or crew had come down with the virus — just like Tom Hanks did while in pre-production on the Elvis Presley biopic down in Australia.  Frankly, I think it’s kinda inevitable that someone who was working on THE BATMAN tests positive.  Fingers crossed that I’m wrong.

Do you expect the Batcave [in THE BATMAN] to be minimalistic in terms of tech/equipment?

JETT SAYS: Like the Batmobile and the Batsuit, I suspect THE BATMAN‘s Batcave will follow suit and be “basic.” Since this Batman is early in his career, low tech, and “street level,” I don’t expect the full-on Batcave with the T-rex, giant penny, and other trophies we see in the comic books.

I know [THE BATMAN] won’t be another “origin” story but, do you think we’ll get another flashback to that “fateful night” when Batman was born? What’s your favorite Batcave in movies? Personally, mine is from BATMAN ’89 because the Batsuit is in a vault. But, I DO like that THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY had it behind a waterfall.

JETT SAYS: Well to be fair and accurate, the only Batman movie that was a true origin story was BATMAN BEGINS.  And you’re right, THE BATMAN isn’t going to be BEGINS redux.  But I get what you’re saying/asking: Will Reeves rehash the Wayne murders yet again (like in BATMAN, BATMAN FOREVER, BATMAN BEGINS, and even in BATMAN v SUPERMAN)?  David, I highly doubt it.  Maybe it’s referenced or there is an extremely quick flashback at some point, but I don’t expect it for obvious reasons.

As far as my favorite Batcave from the movies?  It’s this…

BATMAN ’66 counts as a theatrically-released movie, right?  And truth be told, I’ve actually liked all of the Batcaves in each of the films.

Did you like Armie Hammer’s Bat-cowl [from JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL] now that it’s revealed? I had no idea the movie was so close to getting made. I know to have two Batmen on-screen [at the same time] was probably not the best thing to happen back then, but something tells me it wouldn’t be such a bad film as [the JUSTICE LEAGUE] we got.


Via @itsryanunicomb

Yeah, it’s cool and looks like it had a bit of “Alex Ross” in it, no?

As far as JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL, yeah, it was fixin’ to start filming and then WB shut it down for, well, a variety of reasons (*cough* Nolan and Bale disapproved *cough*).  And quite frankly, JLM would’ve been a better JL movie than the one we got (and the one we were supposed to get) as it was — believe it or not — way more “grounded.”

Check out some more Batman concept art from JLM HERE.

What do you think is the better Film BATMAN BEGINS or THE DARK KNIGHT?

JETT SAYS: BATMAN BEGINS is my favorite Batman movie and I think it’s the greatest comic book superhero origin story film of all time.  With that said, THE DARK KNIGHT is an absolute classic American film, period.

JETT SAYS: Um, yes I do! That would be this…

Are you setting me up like a hanging curveball? 😉

How much inspiration do you think Matt reeves took from THE LONG HALLOWEEN as far as the plot? Nolan used some nods here and there, but I would love to see Reeves take it a step farther and use the Holiday killer and the whole whodunnit scenario!

JETT SAYS: I think that Mr. Reeves “borrowed” from the detective story/whodunnit aspect from TLH for sure, just as Chris Nolan did for THE DARK KNIGHT.

I will say this: Whatever the crime is that Batman’s trying to solve, I don’t think we’ll know the culprit until we see the movie — which will be awesome!

Quarantined Question: Since we’re stuck at home, what Batman-related comics or movies/shows (animated etc), do you recommend?  More the overlooked obscure ones.


I’d say the aforementioned BATMAN: YEAR 100 — which I think is a Bat-comic classic but seems to be overlooked for some reason — and the animated BEWARE THE BATMAN TV series — not many folks watched it (and should have).

JETT SAYS: Wasn’t Batman taking to horseback and meeting Dick Grayson part of the original BATMAN ’89 script that was cut before filming?  See below…


Anyway, I’d say the original script for BATMAN FOREVER that included the entire “Red Diary” subplot and had the story playing out differently before the final edit/cut we got when it was released.

7 Rapid-fire questions.  Better Superman theme: Williams or Zimmer?

JETT SAYS: Williams.

List five things you like from BATMAN RETURNS.

JETT SAYS: The Batsuit, Michael Keaton’s performance, Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance, Elfman’s musical score, Michael Gough as Alfred.

If you could get Chris Nolan to adapt one other superhero in a series of movies, who would it be?

JETT SAYS: James Bond.

Which would you pick (and you only get one): Cowboys Super Bowl or a Batman movie winning best picture?

JETT SAYS: Another Cowboys Super Bowl.

What will we get first: a Superman movie or a live-action Batman TV series?

JETT SAYS: Superman movie — though “first” is relative.

List five things you like from BATMAN v SUPERMAN.

JETT SAYS: The Batsuit (even though it’s “puffy”), Bruce Wayne running into the mayhem in Metropolis during the Superman/Zod battle, the Batmobile (sans the machine guns), the armored Bat-suit, hmm…that’s all I got man!

Which Batman story/graphic novel would you like to see adapted as a video game?

JETT SAYS: YEAR ONE.  Well, a game where you travel the world to gain the skills to be Batman and then return to Gotham and fight as Batman.

Rank these in order of their importance to/effect on Batman as a character: Alfred, Dick Grayson, Joe Chill, Jim Gordon, Selina Kyle, Joker.

JETT SAYS: 6) Joe Chill, 5) Selina Kyle, 4) Dick Grayson, 3) The Joker, 2) Jim Gordon, 1) Alfred.

A couple of questions. First, I think I read that THE BATMAN was going to be a lengthy shoot, how much of the film do you think (or possibly have heard) has been filmed so far?  Second, WWE is still filming TV shows on closed sets with no fans in attendance. Do you think The Batman would do something similar since a lot of the movie sounds like it’s being filmed inside studios with built sets?

JETT SAYS: They’ve likely filmed maybe a quarter of the film, if I had to guess.  As far as to question number 2, I don’t think they’re going to be filming at all until this crisis has passed.  You’d be surprised how many people are working on a set while filming a movie.  I’ve said before that THE BATMAN has about a 2-month “cushion” to be on hiatus before they’ll have to move the release date.  If it’s back in front of the cameras by the end of May, the scheduled release date is safe.  If not, oy vey.


How long has Bruce been going out as Batman in BATMAN ‘89? (Six months? A year or more?)

JETT SAYS: I think it’s like 6 months — less than a year for sure.  I’ll ask Michael Uslan, he’ll know for sure.

UPDATE: I asked Mr. Uslan and there’s what he said: “Open for speculation. My gut guess is two months. Still off Gordon’s radar. Knox and the press just starting to ask questions. Recent rumors circulating among the bad guys,”

Do you foresee any foreshadowing or allusions to The Joker happening in THE BATMAN?  Why/why not?

JETT SAYS: Well, Matt Reeves has said that a rogues gallery already exists in THE BATMAN, so it’s certainly possible.  However, which villains exist and which ones have yet to be seen in Gotham is the question.  I’d like to see a bit of Joker foreshadowing in THE BATMAN, but during the movie and not at the end ala BATMAN BEGINS.