Matt Reeves Knows What the Hell He’s Doing – THE BATMAN FanDome Panel Recap!



That’s the one word I uttered after watching the first teaser trailer for THE BATMAN during yesterday’s panel for the filming featuring director Matt Reeves.

I know that Reeves was only able to film 25% of the movie (before having to shut down production due to the COVID-19 pandemic), but if he can put together a trailer like that with a limited amount of footage and really show the vibe and tone of the film, just imagine what THE BATMAN is going to be when finished!

Reeves talked quite a bit about THE BATMAN during the 30-minute panel, and I very much like what he had to say. Here’s a brief recap…

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  • Batman (Robert Pattinson) feels as if he isn’t having the effect on Gotham he wanted.
  • THE BATMAN is not an origin story — it’s set in Year 2 of Batman’s career — but it does touch on Batman’s origins.
  • There’s been a history of tremendous corruption in Gotham — could the Wayne family have been involved?
  • Selina Kyle (Zoe Kravitz) isn’t “Catwoman” just yet.
  • Oswald Cobblepott (Colin Farrell) isn’t “The Penguin” just yet.
  • Edward Nashton (Paul Dano) is finding his way as “The Riddler.”
  • The movie’s story is like a “snowball rolling” downhill.
  • The “Gotham Central” TV series on HBO Max will be set during Year One of Batman’s career and will go into deeper and more detail of some of the aspects of the film (THE BATMAN).
  • The Batsuit is practical and something that Bruce Wayne (Pattinson) made himself and it’s still evolving.
  • The city of “Gotham” is the UK city of Liverpool with CGI enhancements.
  • “The Batman” is a growing urban legend in Gotham.
  • Robert Pattinson was cast because he has the “soul” of play Bruce Wayne/Batman.
  • Again, not an origin story, but a story of a Batman who makes mistakes and is still growing and learning.
  • Reeves wants the audience to feel what Bruce Wayne and Batman feel.
  • BATMAN: EGO is one of the comic book inspirations for THE BATMAN movie — Bruce Wayne will confront the shadow side of himself.
  • And of course, he showed this awesome teaser trailer!

I thought THE BATMAN panel with Matt Reeves was a huge success and highly entertaining and informative — just enough to make us even more excited to see the film!  For more of BOF’s reaction to THE BATMAN panel and DC FanDome, check out the latest episode of the BOF Vlog (see above)! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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