“Batman In 1947”


FEBRUARY: Robin’s first solo story took place in STAR-SPANGLED COMICS #65.

APRIL: No longer a blonde, Catwoman appeared on the cover of a Batman comic book for the first time with DETECTIVE COMICS #122. Also, Catwoman’s “Kitty Car” – her version of the Batmobile – made its debut in this issue. In addition, after a few tweeks, Catwoman’s classic purple and green costume made its debut.

JUNE/JULY: For the first time, aliens appeared on the cover of a Batman comic book (BATMAN #41). Batman was shown fighting aliens in this issue’s story titled, “Batman: Interplanetary Policeman!”

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER: One of Batman’s most iconic Batcave trophies – the giant penny – had its story told in WORLD’S FINEST #30.

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