The April 2021 BOF Mailbag


It’s been a minute since the last BOF Mailbag, so let’s not waste any time and get right to your questions!

Jett, If you saw it, what are your thoughts on the Batman/Joker scene at the end of ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE?

JETT SAYS: Hi Mike.  I did actually see ZSJL via an earlier screener provided to me by Warner Bros./HBO Max.  You can check out my review HERE and listen to our ZSJL podcast on BOF HERE.

But specifically to your question, I thought the Batman/Joker scene was terrible — absolutely horrible — and the entire “Epilogue” chapter was unneeded.

Is THE FLASH movie really in danger of losing Keaton?

JETT SAYS: Granted, this question came before it was “confirmed” (again) that Michael Keaton would indeed be in THE FLASH as Bruce Wayne/Batman a week or so ago.  Regardless, every time someone asked me this, I told them not to sweat it and that it’s been a lock since at least DC FanDome 2020 last August.

Do you think we’ll get anything THE BATMAN-related (trailer etc.) before DC FanDome (2021)?

JETT SAYS: I think it’s possible we’ll get something related to THE BATMAN before FanDome ’21, but I do not think it’ll be a trailer. Likely a new poster or promo images.  I think WB will mostly be focusing on THE SUICIDE SQUAD — as they should — from now ’til its August release.

What are the numbers for WB when it comes to SUICIDE SQUAD (2017) vs TTHE SUICIDE SQUAD? Since this is really the first ‘reboot’ with a different vision.  Is there a number for success or does the HBO Max premiere veto all that?

JETT SAYS: A great and very interesting question, Aaron!

Bad reviews aside, SUICIDE SQUAD was a financial success for WB.  But I don’t think that THE SUICIDE SQUAD has to top it at the box office to be considered a success.  And yes, I do think that being released on HBO Max the same day as in theaters does put an asterisk on TSS‘s final box office tally in terms of “success.”  I think if it does along the lines of GODZILLA VS. KONG, WB will be happy.

What’s your favorite Batman-themed T-shirt?


What do you think The Riddler in THE BATMAN is going to wear?

JETT SAYS: Not this…

Rank the Catwomen-on-Film, including TV.

JETT SAYS: 6) Halle Berry, 5) Eartha Kitt/Lee Meriwether (tie), 3) Michelle Pfeiffer, 2) Anne Hathaway, 1) Julie Newmar.  TBD: Zoe Kravitz (I hope she’s great).

Do you think THE BATMAN will have a murderous Batman — such as Zack Snyder’s — or will he be a Batman with a code against killing like most of the comics, animation, and the Nolan movies?

JETT SAYS: I do not think THE BATMAN‘s, um, Batman (Robert Pattinson) will be a murderer or executioner.

Between the two, were you more into Candy Walker or Amanda Keeler?

JETT SAYS: Vicki Vale.

What was up with all of your Cookie Monster posts?

JETT SAYS: Wasn’t it obvious?

With the introduction of the Red Hood into the 3rd season of TITANS, will you be giving it a chance?

JETT SAYS: I doubt it.  It’s just not my cup of tea and I’ve never been a fan of Red Hood.

Did we get to the safe house?

JETT SAYS: I think it was obvious that they did not.

What is your favorite and least favorite scene from a Batman movie?

JETT SAYS: The most favorite is tough AF. I’ll go with the ending of THE DARK KNIGHT…with the option of changing my mind!  Least favorite is the “Bat-Card” scene from BATMAN & ROBIN…but the Batman trying to murder Superman/Martha scene from BATMAN v SUPERMAN is right there with it.

With the ZSJL movie received a lot of positive reactions on HBO Max, is it possible that we could see more DC movies and TV series on HBO Max? Maybe we can see Ben Affleck’s Batman movie and a MAN OF STEEL 2?

JETT SAYS: Well, Warner Bros./DC Films/HBO Max are already planning for DC series on HBOM that will tie into films like THE BATMAN (GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT) and THE SUICIDE SQUAD (PEACEMAKER) with others down the line.  However, there are no plans to continue the “Snyderverse” with a ZSJL2, a Ben Affleck Batman film, or MAN OF STEEL 2 on either HBOM or the big screen.  It’s not my opinion, it’s based on what Warner Bros./WarnerMedia has announced — READ ABOUT IT HERE.

Three questions…

IF Keaton does back out of THE FLASH, do you see/think WB is going to take the JDM/Thomas Wayne route, OR do they go for another and more recent former Batman, like Christian Bale?

What do you think would be the storyline reason as to why Leto’s Joker had such a drastic change in look in ZSJL? Perhaps he was captured and tortured by Darkseid, stripped of his “identity” (pale skin, tattoos, etc) and he had to recreate himself via conventional means such as makeup and hair dye?

I believe the DC Hub of HBOMax is primed to be their bread and butter. Why not continue the SnyderVerse as its own, self-contained event as a Max exclusive? And for that matter, why not continue past universes as well via animated films? Keaton could return to the role of Batman simply by providing his voice.

JETT SAYS: I usually only answer one question per person, but I’ll make an exception…

1) Keaton was never going to back out of playing Batman/Bruce Wayne in THE FLASH so it has been and is now a moot point.

2) I think Mr. Snyder wanted to do his own thing with The Joker in terms of the aesthetic despite the fact that it was Jared Leto from SUICIDE SQUAD.  It’s that simple.

3) First of all, WarnerMedia has a lot — and I mean A LOT — of DC stuff in the pipeline for HBO Max; so don’t be concerned about that.  However, the “Snyderverse” has not been successful enough to continue.  Why? Because the films that he directed disappointed at the box office, critically, and amongst the general audience to let him make a ZSJL 2 or 3, quite frankly.  ZSJL didn’t move the needle in terms of new HBO Max subscriptions because it is what it is: A niche, self-indulgent passion project by a filmmaker that appealed to only a very small segment of fandom.  All involved — WarnerMedia/AT&T/WB Pictures/HBO Max — knew that going in and it happened 99% to help prop up/promote HBO Max.  I highly recommend THIS ARTICLE about ZSJL‘s fate and fandom from Forbes.

I’m with you on animated films based on past DC movies.  I can see them as Blu-ray/Digital/VOD releases as opposed to being on HBO Max.  In fact, I wrote an article recently advocating an animated film set in the world of BATMAN ’89 and BATMAN RETURNS to be a companion piece to the upcoming BATMAN ’89 comic book series.  But, you’re not going to get Michael Keaton for such a project because he’s out of their price range, to be honest.

Good questions, sir!

Do you think Batman’s tech will be as sophisticated as it was in THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY?

JETT SAYS: I do not.  Just look at the Batsuit for example.  It’s made to look like Bruce Wayne put it together himself.  Same for the Batmobile, etc.

Favorite live-action Batmobile? Mine will always be Keaton’s.



If Nolan and Bale returned in 10 years for one more Batman movie which would be a sequel to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES what would you like the movie to be about?

JETT SAYS: I can’t even think of something because I do not want that to happen.  The TRILOGY ended perfectly and I’d hate to see it tarnished.  Plus, we don’t have to worry about it anyway because it ain’t gonna happen.