CONTEST: Win a Copy of “The Gotham Times” from THE DARK KNIGHT


My family built a new house in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area last year and moved 4 hours north from the Houston area a year ago.  We spent damn near 2 decades in our house in Houston (Tomball, actually) and had accumulated A LOT of, well, stuff.

We began packing a year before we actually began the moving process, and just about all of my “Batman Stuff” was packed up — very carefully — into totes.  While I’ve gone through most of these totes so I could decorate my office with my, well, Bat-stuff, there were a few totes I just now went through.  As a result, I found a treasure trove of, well, my Bat-stuff.  As a result, I discovered a “few” editions of THE GOTHAM TIMES that were part of THE DARK KNIGHT‘s brilliant “Who So Serious?” viral campaign back in 2007-2008.  Here you go…

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Since I’ve got a couple (one) to spare, I’m going to give it away to one lucky BOF’er!

How do you win it?  Here’s the skinny…

Email your name/contact info to JETT@BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM. A winner will be picked at random of all entries.  ONLY THE WINNER WILL BE NOTIFIED.  The contest ends on SUNDAY, JUNE, 27 2021!