The Memorial Day Weekend 2021 BOF Mailbag



I hope everyone who is celebrating Memorial Day 2021 is having a LOT more fun than last year!  Even though my family and I are all fully vaccinated, we’re staying at the casa and I’ll be firing up the grill.  I’m thinking about smoking some shrimp/andouille sausage-stuffed chicken breasts.  Maybe I’ll even make a video of it like I did when I whipped up those “Gotham City Wings” from the book, GOTHAM CITY COCKTAILS!

Or not.  ANYWAY…

Enjoy the lake, amusement park, campground, ballpark/ballgame, etc., and have a great and safe Memorial Day!

Now, on to your questions! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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What’s THE BATMAN’s runtime looking like?

JETT SAYS: No idea.  If the over/under was 2.5 hours, I’d probably take the over…just slightly.

JETT SAYS: That’s an idea that I certainly wouldn’t be against.  With that said, I don’t think it’ll happen because 1) I’m sure WarnerMedia believes that animated Bat-projects aimed at kids are just as good (and cost a lot less to produce), and 2) There’s a vault of stuff already in the WB vault that’s very kid-friendly and can be used as a conduit into the world of Batman — the 1960s BATMAN TV show, the animated BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD series, THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, and more.

Jett, do you think we will see Two-Face in THE BATMAN-verse?

JETT SAYS: Oh, I believe that’s probably a given, man.  There were rumors that he was in the original script and then didn’t make the final cut.  Perhaps Two-Face already exists during the events in THE BATMAN?  Or maybe Harvey Dent is just an assistant district attorney?  We shall see soon!

Hi Jett, with all this resurgence of BATMAN ‘89 with Keaton’s return in THE FLASH, I have a question that has haunted me since 1989.  The owner’s son of the comic shop I use to go to told me he had a sneak peek at BATMAN in the spring of 1989.  He told me there were some slight differences that were changed or deleted in the June release.  He said the biggest change was the end when The Joker fell and then panned on to him, Gordon poked at him and found The Joker on the ground was a robot, and you can hear Jacks laugh in the background, implying The Joker was alive and playing a joke on Batman and Gotham.  Of course, the final cut was The Joker was dead and the laugh was the laugh box.
Over time this ending was never seen on any extra cuts in the DVD or Blu-rays.  Did this scene in fact exist or was he giving a line of BS?

JETT SAYS: Mike, I’ve never heard this and suspect it’s not true.  But to make sure, I went directly to the man who I knew would know, Michael Uslan.  His reply: BS!

Any date on when THE BATMAN toys and collectibles will be out?

JETT SAYS: I really don’t know as that’s not my area of expertise.  However, it’ll be interesting to see if they release them around the end of the year — not only to make money, but to publicize THE BATMAN as well.  It’ll be in theaters essentially 2 months after the Holidays.

Do you agree that John Williams’ music from SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE remains the greatest comic book film score of all time?

JETT SAYS: I believe that the main theme from the film is the greatest superhero movie piece of music of all time.  It’s iconic.


If you had to pitch a dream Batman comic series, what would it be?

JETT SAYS: One that’s a “sequel” to BATMAN FOREVER and BATMAN & ROBIN — a BATMAN UNCHAINED mini/maxi-series ala this BATMAN ’89 one that we’re getting.

In your opinion is WB doing the right thing by having more Batmen (Batmans?) on the big screen simultaneously? Nolan (who is a smart man) stood against that back in the day when his THE DARK KNIGHT and JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL was in the making. Comic book geeks might be excited about it but could there be confusion between the average movie-goers?

JETT SAYS: In 2007, I would say yes, it’s a bad idea.  Today, I’m OK with THE BATMAN-verse co-existing with the older version of Batman (Michael Keaton) in WB’s DC films that, technically, “connect”

What I’ve learned is that the general audience really doesn’t care.  If the movie is good they’ll go see it.  Plus, it’s friggin BATMAN!

BATMAN v SUPERMAN: Great superhero film or the greatest superhero film?

JETT SAYS: When are we getting a new trailer [for THE BATMAN]?


JETT SAYS: I love Christian Bale as Batman too!  He’s my favorite Batman!

If AT&T is really interested in selling their entertainment division (WB/DC).
What company do you believe is the best to acquire WB/DC that will truly respect these characters and keep these properties strong and competitive in this industry for decades to come?

JETT SAYS: Kinda a done deal already — except for that pesky federal government approval.  AT&T is “spinning off” WarnerMeda and it will merge with Discovery.  From what I’ve been told by people who know, this is going to be a good thing for Warner Bros. Pictures, HBO Max, etc.

As for DC Comics, I’m not sure.  There’s been talk for a while now that DC could be sold or licensing out its characters to another publishing company.  Also, there are people/investment groups that are interested in buying DC Comics — just DC Comics, not the film/TV rights, etc. — from WarnerMedia, so that’s a possibility as well.

Maybe this has been asked before, but if not, do you think that there is some kind of conspiracy on behalf of Warner Bros. to kill the Snyderverse and its characters?  Yeah, we are going to see Ezra Miller [as The Flash] and mainly Gal Gadot reprising her role as many times as necessary, but the others won’t.  ZSJL is a success, so it is reasonable to give another chance to these versions of the characters.

JETT SAYS: No sir. There’s no “conspiracy.”

Here’s the bottom line, sir: The “Snyderverse” — specifically MAN OF STEEL, BATMAN v SUPERMAN, and JUSTICE LEAGUE — failed.  Furthermore, ZSJL was not a success — it did OK at best.  Outside of diehard Snyder fans — which is a small minority within fandom which is a minority compared to the overall general audience — no one cares about continuing the “Snyderverse.”  For Warner Bros./WarnerMedia, it makes absolutely no sense from a money and business standpoint to continue.  Mr. Snyder’s take and “vision” when it comes to DC characters simply didn’t jibe with most people.

2 questions: Do you think WB will try to create an all-new DCCU before the end of the decade? And, what do you think of Keaton and Affleck’s return as Batman in the same film series?

JETT SAYS: 1) I think Warner Bros. is going to do exactly what they’ve said they were going to do with DC on film going forward.  They are simply going to make the best, filmmaker-driven DC films possible.  Some will “connect” and technically exist within the same cinematic universe (THE FLASH, WONDER WOMAN 3, AQUAMAN 2) and some will not and exist in their own worlds (THE BATMAN, Superman reboot).

2) I’m super pumped to see Michael Keaton return as Batman — albeit an aged Bruce Wayne — as well as other things post-THE FLASH.  I’m also happy that Ben Affleck will finally get his “cool way to segue out of the role” that he’s wanted.  While Keaton’s part in THE FLASH is essentially the second lead, Affleck’s is more of a cameo.