The Halloween 2021 BOF Mailbag


If you’re a regular reader of BOF, you know the deal…I usually take questions and post a BOF Mailbag on or around a major holiday.  Halloween is no exception, so let’s get to those questions!

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Given the massive success of JOKER, where are all the announcements for “one-off, stand-alone, unconnected” movies like it? Not counting THE BATMAN, of course.

JETT SAYS: Well, even the films that are technically “connected” are pretty-much standalone films.  Regardless, I never expected projects like JOKER or THE BATMAN to be the norm DC on film at Warner Bros.  The thing is those totally standalone movies like those can and will happen.  But if you want an example of something announced and is in the works, the J.J. Abrams-produced/Ta-Nehisi Coates-written Superman film.  And I’m positive that there are other projects like these in development at WB that we haven’t heard about yet.

Is THE BATMAN going to be available on HBO Max at the same time as theaters or is WB releasing it theaters only?

JETT SAYS: Warner Bros. announced in April of this year (2021) that THE BATMAN and their other films released in 2022 (and going forward, I assume) will have a 45-day theater-exclusive window before heading to VOD.  That story on BOF can be found HERE.

I know BOF is having a watch party for THE BATMAN, will there be one for THE FLASH?

JETT SAYS: Absolutely!  Not sure about the location yet — it might be in Austin, TX, New York City, or in Dallas, TX again, but yes, there will be a BOF watch party for THE FLASH.

Just a reminder to those who may not know, BOF’s THE BATMAN Watch Party will take place on Saturday, March 5, 2022, in Plano, TX (a northern suburb of Dallas).  Details can be found HERE!

What’s the best thing you like about Robert Pattinson’s Batman so far?

JETT SAYS: Not a cop-out, but I’m digging everything about Pattinson as Batman and the film itself.

JETT SAYS: I think the plan is for more Keaton as Batman in something. I don’t think that will be contingent on the success of THE FLASH…which I think is going to do just fine anyway.

Wondering what you think the next Batman animated [movie] could be or hope to be. THE LONG HALLOWEEN was my dream adaptation so anything else is a bonus,  Also since it’s Halloween, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

JETT SAYS: Due to the success of TLH animated film(s), I’m that an adaptation of DARK VICTORY happening is a strong possibility.  I know that the folks at WB behind all the animated DC films have a list of classic Batman stories that could be given the animated treatment in the future.  Personally, I’d love to see “The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge” from BATMAN #251 (1973) turned into an animated movie.

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How excited are you for Colin Farrell’s performance [as The Penguin in THE BATMAN]?  I think he will steal the movie.

JETT SAYS: He’s a fine actor and I think he’ll be really good as Oz Cobblepott.  It’s actually a small part in the film, so I’m not sure he’ll steal the movie.

What is your most anticipated merchandise for THE BATMAN?

JETT SAYS: I’ve already pre-ordered the Batman, Riddler, Catwoman, and the Batcycle from McFarlane (hit the links provided on each to check them out).  I live the McFarlane stuff, so I’m pretty happy already that I’ve secured ’em for my collection.  I’m sure there will be some other stuff I’ll pick up, but I’m a fan of official one-sheets/posters from films, so I’ll get the final one for THE BATMAN as well and hang it in my office.  I already have the “Batman” one released for DC FanDome 2021.

JETT SAYS: I think that would be an awesome approach to a Batman film!

Is [THE BATMAN] really a 3 hours long noir story as is being reported in various websites?

JETT SAYS: It’s a noir story — that’s for sure — but I have no idea of its runtime.  I’m sure it’ll be at least 2.5 hours.  I don’t follow any site that posts spoilers or the like, so I don’t know what these individuals are saying.


A straight-up horror Batman movie, could it work? Who would direct and who would be the villain?

JETT SAYS: Sure it could work.  A film with The Scarecrow using fear gas is one way to go I think.  Or maybe have the whole film set in Arkham Asylum.

Any news on [THE BATMAN] spin-offs or are they going to announce them after the movie comes out?

JETT SAYS: No news of either the Gotham PD/Arkham or Penguin spinoffs of THE BATMAN for HBO Max.  I’m not sure what state of development either are in.  I guess they’ll announce something when, well, they announce something.

Jett, would you like to see Hugo Strange in THE BATMAN-verse?

JETT SAYS: Absolutely. Been banging that drum for a long time now!  Well, not for just THE BATMAN, but to see the character of Dr. Hugo Strange in a Batman movie.

How do you think The Penguin will be used in THE BATMAN? A true foe for Batman or more of working behind the scenes?

JETT SAYS: I believe Matt Reeves has said that Oz Cobblepott in THE BATMAN isn’t the fully-formed “Penguin” just yet.  With Carmine Falcone still in Gotham, I figure that in the film, he’s some mid-level mobster.  It’s apparently a small role this time around, so I don’t suspect The Penguin playing a huge role in THE BATMAN.  I also figure we’ll see him again in sequels.

Do we know how BATMAN v SUPERMAN would’ve looked like if Affleck and Terrio hadn’t been involved in the script?

JETT SAYS: Honestly, no and frankly, I really couldn’t care less…no offense intended.  The only comment I really have on it is something I’ve said MANY times…they should’ve made a true “Superman” sequel to MAN OF STEEL, not BvS.

JETT SAYS: No, not at all.  I still think Batman works best in a live-action film when it’s solo Batman without the inclusion of superpowered beings.  My excitement for THE FLASH is mainly due to the return of Michael Keaton as Batman.  While THE BATMAN represents what I love about solo Batman movies, I’d be excited for THE FLASH even if THE BATMAN wasn’t coming.

They’ve used Nirvana’s “Something In The Way” in both trailers [for THE BATMAN]. I figured it was a one-off for the teaser in 2020 because the score hadn’t been recorded but was pleasantly surprised to see it return in the recent trailer. Any chance the song makes it into the film? End credits maybe?

JETT SAYS: Yeah, I’m with you.  I too figured it was a one-off for trailer #1, but there it was again in the new one.  It must mean something to Matt Reeves in terms of THE BATMAN, so I figure we’ll hear it again in the film…somewhere.  Could be during the end credits as you suggested following the closing score.  Speaking of trailer #2, let’s take a look at that 2.5 minutes of awesomeness again…


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Favorite live-action Bat-suit. Yes, you HAVE to pick one!

JETT SAYS: Ugh…I like all of them!  BUT…

If I have to pick one, it’s the new one we’re getting for THE BATMAN.  The grounded, homemade look — ala Lee Bermejo’s Batman work — totally jibes with my Batman sensibilities.