Roven Talks WONDER WOMAN’s DC On Film Impact, Standalone Batman Movie


When it comes to WB’s approach to DC on film going forward, this actually, this confuses me even more…unless it doesn’t.

Speaking to COMICBOOK.COM, This is what producer Charles Roven had to say about the impact that WONDER WOMAN will have on future DC films…

I’m not actually sure that [WONDER WOMAN] makes that big a difference to the other movies.  We want to keep the consistency of tone for this film. And, of course, Wonder Woman was in JUSTICE LEAGUE and she might be in other DC movies as well.

So, is he saying that WB is NOT going to focus more on individual DC films and limit their inter-connectivity as they previously said they were going to do?  Are they planning on having Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman show up via cameos in other DC movies now?

This isn’t the only head scratch-inducing comment from Mr. Roven.  Here’s what he said about the Joker origin film and — I assume — Matt Reeves’ Batman movie…

Warner Brothers has been — even before WONDER WOMAN came out– developing standalone characters, like they did with the Joker and Scorsese: they’ve got a project, and they’ve got a number of projects with a Batman standalone, and things like that, and each one of them has different directors. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s going to be a commonality of creative synchronicity in what each one of those directors are doing.  The great thing about that is that that means there will be a constant freshness.

I assume what he’s saying is that WB is constantly developing solo films based on DC characters, right?  By saying that there won’t necessarily be a “commonality of creative synchronicity” between DC films suggests that each is essentially going to be its own thing, yes?

I guess what he’s saying is that WB always planned to develop “standalone” DC films despite the fact they were actively creating a shared DC cinematic universe.

The question is whether or not Warner Bros. is changing the way they are going about their DC on film business in the wake of BATMAN v SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE or not?

And what does he mean by “Batman standalone?”  I’m going to again assume here and say that Mr. Roven is saying that Matt Reeves’ Batman film is a completely solo endeavor and for all intents and purposes, it is it’s own thing — though technically part of a shared universe.  Or perhaps Reeves’ Batman movie ends up being like this Phillips/Scorsese Joker film and isn’t part of “canon.”

What do you all make of Mr. Roven’s comments?  Is revealing anything of substance, or simply saying a bunch of nothing?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below. – Bill “Jett” Ramey