Lower’s Favorite Batman Movie Posters


Since finding his way to the big screen, there has been no shortage of great, recognizable Batman movie posters. Just take a look at this collage I created that doesn’t even feature all of them…

From subtle, to obvious, each poster has symbolized each movie and each iteration of the character. With the ever-evolving moviegoing experience, how we experience these posters now is very different from 2008, 1997, or 1989. Regardless, you can guarantee Batman will make an impression.

With THE BATMAN on the horizon, we’ve been getting a fair share of new Batman movie posters. From the one just released this week to the one featured in BOF’s giveaway contest (listen to the latest BOF Social Hour), I started to reminisce about the variety I have experienced in my lifetime. I thought it’d be a fun way to look back, as we moved forward, at some of my favorites over the years.  Favorites, not necessarily the best, because who am I to tell you what’s the best?



MASK OF THE PHANTASM came out at the perfect time for me, right in the midst of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES blowing me away on a daily basis. This poster epitomizes what that show is, teasing us with a scary new character while also putting the Dark Knight front and center.


THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE is just a bright, delightful nod to the character. The poster for the movie is the same, loaded with so many other characters to stare at for hours.

#5 THE BATMAN (2022)

The most recent of my picks, and for good reason. Sometimes, simple is best. Keeping our hero in mostly silhouette, with a glare on his newly-designed symbol, this poster promises us our hero. We don’t need the specifics on the suit. One look at this and we know it’s THE Batman. Plus mixing it up with a new, red and black color palette, we’re promised something different than we’ve seen before.


I can remember getting the first glimpse of this poster and being in love. So much so that I ordered it right away, and still have it framed. Teased about Heath Ledger’s edgy, scary Joker, this poster only adds to it with a foggy glass to hide the details. Yet looking at it, we know exactly who it is and the vibe we can get with the upcoming movie. This poster, more than anything else, got me the most excited for THE DARK KNIGHT. And it delivered on its promise.


There were quite a few variations for this movie. A close-up of the hero with bats below. Batman holding Rachel Dawes. Him in silhouette with a cloudy background. However it was this shot, also shown in the film, that best symbolizes the punch this interpretation packed.


Nostalgia is in full play here. This poster was in the window of our small-town video store FOREVER, and yet every time we stopped in to rent BATMAN RETURNS, there were no copies available. Until one Saturday night. I walked by the poster, stared at it, ready to be disappointed yet again, until I went through the door and saw a VHS available to rent. I had no idea what I was in store for that night except what that poster promised me: The Bat. The Cat. The Penguin.

#1 BATMAN (1989)

Anyone looking at this poster realizes what this is. Sure, at the time of its release there was some confusion. But after Batmania, the symbol became iconic. This poster was released, without any text, and everyone knew what it represented. If I could only pick one poster to have on display, it would be the lone bat symbol found on the BATMAN poster. There you have it. My favorites. Do you agree? Disagree?

Regardless, we can all agree that over the years, The Batman has delivered. – Ryan Lower


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