Batman Fan Robert Pattinson ID’s Villains He’d Like to See in Sequels


Via an interview with DEN OF GEEK, THE BATMAN star Robert Pattinson has revealed which villains he’d like to see in future sequels: The Court of Owls and Calendar Man.

Keep in mind this is mostly Robert Pattinson the Batman fan talking here and not likely based on any conversations with Matt Reeves.  As we should know by now, when making a Batman film, figure out the story first and then which villains will fit in it.  With that said, I’d be down with either of RP’s suggestions (and thank goodness he didn’t say Man-Bat or Clayface).

Also, Pattinson talked a bit about the status of The Batman and Gotham City’s “relationship” in the film, saying “[Bruce] thinks it’s his city in a weird sort of way. He thinks he’s kind of built it.”  But though he has “the money and the castle,” he’ll learn the hard way that he has “absolutely no control or power over anything in the city” once The Riddler arrives.

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