Batman Timeline – “Batman in 1955”


JANUARY: “The Batmen of All Nations” – The Gaucho of Argentina, The Legionary of Italy, The Musketeer of France, Britain’s The Knight and Squire, and The Ranger of Australia – debuts in DETECTIVE COMCIS #215. (Writer Grant Morrison brought back the group in 2007 in BATMAN#667.)

JUNE: Ace the Bat-Hound first appears in BATMAN #92.

JULY/AUGUST: Batman gains Superman’s powers in WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #77.

AUGUST: Batman meets the Batman of the prehistoric era – “Tiger Man” – in BATMAN #93.

OCTOBER: Batman builds a robot Batman called the “Batman Machine” in DETECTIVE COMICS #224.

DECEMBER: Batman reveals that he was once Robin as a youth in DETECTIVE COMICS #226.