Batman Timeline – “Batman in 1957”


MARCH: The classic story, “The Rainbow Batman,” was featured in DETECTIVE COMICS #241.

This story was the inspiration for the BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD episode titled, “Emperor Joker!”

APRIL: Robin inhales “maturing gas,” becomes an adult, and becomes “Owl Man” in BATMAN #107. And of course, eventually goes back to being Robin.

JUNE: The history of the Batarang – as well as a detail of Batman’s collection – was found in DETECTIVE COMICS #244.

JUNE: The Joker and Lex Luthor team up for the very first time in any medium in WORLD’S FINEST COMICS #88. The Joker drives and Lex rides shotgun, FYI.

SEPTEMBER: After becoming afraid of bats due to the shenanigans of Prof. Milo, Bruce Wayne shuns the Mantle of the Bat and becomes “Starman” in DETECTIVE COMICS #247.

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