BOFPC 200 | Ranking Batman on Film!


In honor of the 200th episode of the ORIGINAL Podcast, host Garret Grev is joined by 3 other BOF Senior Contributors – Ryan Lower, Ryan Hoss, and Peter Verra – to discuss and rank Batman on film!  Yes, the guys – including BOF’s Founder/EIC Bill “Jett” Ramey – give a 1-thru-10 grade on all live-action Batman films from BATMAN ’66 through 2022’s THE BATMAN.  In the end, the grades are combined and averaged for the official BOF aggregate of live-action Batman on film!

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Senior Contributor Garret Grev is a lifelong Bat-fan, a 20 year BOF'er, and officially joined the team in 2017. Garret covers comic and movie reviews and appears on both the BOF podcasts and vlogs. He lives in Minnesota with his lovely wife and their four sons. Outside of Batman and comics, Garret loves the outdoors, playing music, collecting 80’s action figures, and the MN Vikings. Garret is the co-founder of What Are the Odds? Fantasy Football. Follow him on twitter @GarretWATO.