Bat-Timeline – “Batman in 1975”


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JANUARY: An unprecedented, uninterrupted story arc covering five issues begins in DETECTIVE COMICS #444. The plot: Ra’s Al Ghul frames The Batman for murder!

MAY: Lasting only nine issues, The Joker became the first Batman villain to get to get his own ongoing series titled, well, THE JOKER.

OCTOBER: Spotlighting Batman’s great supporting cast — the “Batman Family” — BATMAN FAMILY #1 began a 20 issue run that would end in 1978.

I personally had all three of these issues and remember them fondly. Bought each down at my local convenience store right off the ‘ol “comic book rack.” I’m not sure where two of ’em are today, but I still possess DETECTIVE COMICS #444 – the cover of which obviously influenced a young Zack Snyder.


As far as THE JOKER, I think issue #1 may be the only one I purchased – even my 10 year old mind couldn’t understand why a bad guy would get his own comic book!

Pre-teen Jett was a fan of the BATMAN FAMILY comics – though “Demonic Benedict Arnold vs. Batgirl & Robin” was a bit of a stretch for me. – Bill “Jett” Ramey