Bat-Timeline – “Batman in 1982”


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JANUARY: In the story “Interlude on Earth-Two,” the Batman from Earth-One is transported to Earth-Two, teams up with that world’s Dick Grayson/Robin to fight Hugo Strange in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #182.

FEBRUARY: Batman battles a villain called “Mirage” and Hamilton Hill (who would be featured a decade later in BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES) become mayor of Gotham in DETECTIVE COMICS #511.

MARCH: Helena Wayne – The Huntress from Earth-Two – comes to Earth-One for a Christmas visit with her “Uncle Bruce” in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #184.

MARCH: DETECTIVE COMICS celebrates 45 years of continuous publication with issue #512. A reimaged, new Bronze Age version of Doctor Death was the villain of this story.

JUNE: Batman and Robin return to Wayne Manor and The Batcave in BATMAN #348.

AUGUST: A re-imagined version of The Monk – the Golden Age villain that “The Bat-Man” had fought back in 1939 (DETECTIVE COMICS #32) – makes his debut in BATMAN #350.