Bat-Timeline – “Batman in 1983”


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JANUARY: Catwoman is seemingly upset with/jealous of Bruce Wayne’s relationship with Vicki Vale in BATMAN #355. Oh yeah, she knows Bruce is The Batman.


FEBRUARY: Solomon Grundy shows up in DETECTIVE COMICS #523…as does a mysterious new villain known only a “Croc.”


MARCH: The first incarnation of Jason Todd (a redheaded acrobat starring in a circus show called “The Flying Todds) is introduced in BATMAN #357.


APRIL: The story of how Earth-Two’s Batman and Catwoman finally hooked up (and would eventually marry and have a child) is revealed in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD#197.


MAY: Batman’s 500th appearance in DETECTIVE COMICS is celebrated in issue #526. Also, following the death of his parents at the hands (claws?) of the now-exposed Killer Croc, Jason Todd finds a new home at Wayne Manor.


JULY: Batman’s run on THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD comes to an end in issue #200. However, Batman’s new comic book endeavor – BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS – gets a tease/mention. In the main story, an Earth-Two Batman villain – “Brimstone” – transfers his consciousness to his Earth-One counterpart to take on that world’s Batman.


AUGUST: The Batman quits the Justice League and forms a new group, “The Outsiders,” in BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #1.


DECEMBER: The first/”Pre-CRISES version of the Jason Todd Robin debuts – in full costume (which was Dick Grayson’s), much to Batman’s chagrin – in BATMAN #366.


I’ve read most of these comics, but WAY after-the-fact and not in 1983.


It’s puzzling that they thought it was a good idea that Jason Todd should have, basically, the same “Robin Origin” as Dick Grayson! Regardless, I’m glad they retconned Jason/Robin II not long after as it was a much better – and more original – story. Regardless – and we’re getting there soon – Jason should’ve stayed D-E-A-D dead! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

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