On Saturday, the 25th day of August in 2018, I traveled to New York City to see one of the few special 70MM IMAX screenings of THE DARK KNIGHT in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

The trip cost me approximately $1K when it was all said and done.  Yes, ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS to see a movie I’ve seen dozens and Dozens and DOZENS of times.

It was damn well worth it.

Every.  Damn.  Cent.

I didn’t “forget,” but seeing THE DARK KNIGHT in a theater — a 70MM IMAX screening at that — was an reminder of just how brilliant and special that film was…and still is.

Additionally, it served as a palate-cleaner for this Batman fan.

To see Batman on the big screen again in such a quality movie was striking; probably because of Batman’s last two cinematic outings.

Nah, not probably; it’s totally the reason.

Frankly, Batman and Batman fans deserve better than BATMAN v SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE.  A Batman film should unify Batman fandom, not divide it.  And a Batman film shouldn’t feature a version of Batman that becomes the butt of jokes and smarmy memes.

But, Batman on film gets a chance to rectify all that nonsense and negativity relatively soon thanks to the upcoming solo standalone and solo Batman film, THE BATMAN, from writer/director Matt Reeves.

Folks, THE BATMAN doesn’t have to be the cultural phenomenon or have the box office success to be deemed a success.

As long as Matt Reeves has a vision and passion for the character (which he apparently does), a story to tell (that certainly looks like the case), and stays loyal to the Batman mythos (he’s a lifelong Batman fan, remember that), all will be well.

I have faith that’s exactly what’s going to happen with THE BATMAN.

Because sometimes, you know, people deserve to have their faith rewarded. – Bill “Jett” Ramey


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