Welcome to the Labor Day 2018 edition of the Batman on Film Mailbag!  Thanks for all the questions, and please, keep them coming!

As this is a “special” U.S. holiday edition, other one will be coming shortly for September 2018.  Also, we plan on doing a mailbag show on the BOF Vlog (which has gotten a new title which will be revealed soon) at least once a month.

Now, on to your questions! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

Jett, what’s on your pull-list?

JETT SAYS: I assume your talking about comic books and not my single days, no?  If the former is the case, then it’s everything from DC.  However, if you’re question is more like “What comics are you reading regularly,” here goes…

BATMAN by Tom King.

That’s the only comic book I read on a regular, every-other-week (because it’s DC) basis.  I’m also reading DOOMSDAY CLOCK as each issue is released.  And when something “special” comes out — like BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT, DARK KNIGHT III, etc. — I’ll read it.

JETT SAYS: I don’t think there’s anything behind AB leaving (or not signing on perhaps?) other than him not wanting to do it.  It’s a non-issue quite frankly.  Thus, it’s not a topic worthy of a podcast or vlog.

Look, a lot of fans simply cannot wrap their heads around this film.  They’re thinking “comic book movie” based on precedent, while the filmmakers are not.  As a result, many are looking for any signs of “trouble” so they can label JOKER as a “project in trouble.”  Frankly, these folks need to get over it.  I may not end up liking JOKER (or maybe I will), but I do applaud Warner Bros. and the filmmakers for doing something different.

What kind of movie do you expect Matt Reeves’ Batman [movie] to be like?


If you could only show 1 scene from any Batman movie to introduce someone to Batman, what would it be?

JETT SAYS: Oh man, this is a tough one!  I’ll go with my first thought: the rooftop scene at the beginning of BATMAN ’89.


Will Nolan end up directing a 007 movie? Who do you think his top 3 choices for Bond would be?

JETT SAYS: Yes, I believe he will…IF he gets A LOT of creative control.  His top 3 choices for James Bond?  I have no idea, but I’ll play.  Based on how I think Nolan thinks, I’ll go with Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, and Henry Cavill.

Given that the last incarnation of Batman on screen was so dark, do not you think Reeves will aim for a Batman that has some compassion for people and the criminals he deals with? I think it is an underrated part of his character that hasn’t been really touched on outside of BTAS.

JETT SAYS: I don’t think it’s Matt Reeves’ job to “course correct,” if you will, Batman on film.  It’s his job to make the best Batman film possible.  If his vision includes a more compassionate Batman, that’s cool.  If not, that’s cool as well…as long as he doesn’t depict Batman as a total asshole like he was in his last cinematic incarnation.

Of all the kinds of stuff published on BOF (That you don’t write yourself) whats your favorite to read from the team?

JETT SAYS: I enjoy reading the comic book reviews and the podcasts.

Are you surprised that as of right now AQUAMAN, BUMBLEBEE and MARY POPPINS RETURNS are all opening up on the same day in North America? It makes no sense that 3 tent-pole films would all open the same weekend.

JETT SAYS: It’s a little odd on the surface I guess, but I don’t think it’s going to have a profound affect — box office-wise — for any of those 3 films.  If they’re good, people will show up to watch them.  Honestly, the potential audience for MARY POPPINS RETURNS is much different than that for the other two.

Of the 3 (and I’ll see them all), I’m probably most interested in MARY POPPINS RETURNS due to childhood nostalgia…and I have a crush on Emily Blunt.


JETT SAYS: “The War of Jokes and Riddles” by Tom King.

Bill, we know you are not a fan of Batman hanging out with powered heroes, but what about un-powered ones, like Green Arrow, Ted Kord Blue Beetle, Huntress, etc?

JETT SAYS: I prefer Batman stories where Batman is the only hero and the focus.  That’s my go-to Batman stuff regardless of the medium.  However, I can enjoy Batman teaming up with others from time to time.  Hell, BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD is my favorite animated Batman series!


Who would you put on the Mount Rushmore (Batmore?) for Batman? Meaning writers/artists/etc., not who has played him on film.

JETT SAYS: Wow, this is a tough one.  And the spirit of Mt. Rushmore, I can only go with four.  Here goes…

Bill Finger, Denny O’Neil, Michael Uslan, and Julius Schwartz.

How would you like to see The Riddler portrayed in a movie?

JETT SAYS: I’m not a huge fan of The Riddler, so if the character never made it into a live-action film again, I wouldn’t be upset.  However, if it was a given that The Riddler was going to be in a Batman film, I wouldn’t mind looking at writer Tom King’s take on the character in the BATMAN comic book.

As you look back on the 20th anniversary of BOF, what are you most proud of? (via email)

JETT SAYS: Off the top of my head, 3 things…

1) Receiving a handwritten “Thank You” letter from Chris Nolan a couple of months after THE DARK KNIGHT RISES‘ theatrical release; 2) earning the respect and friendship of Michael Uslan; and, 3) the awesome community of great BOF fans that the site has built.  I’m probably most proud of #3.

Now that the Watchmen are part of the regular DC Universe, do you think we’ll ever see that reflected in the films, or is it too complicated to explain in a two hour running time?

JETT SAYS: I don’t know if it’s “too complicated,” but I don’t think we’ll ever see WATCHMEN characters in, say, a Superman (or Wonder Woman, or Batman, or Booster Gold, or…) solo film.  There’s no point in it.

Which Batmobile is better: ’89, Nolan, Zack’s?!

JETT SAYS: I love all three.  But if I had to pick, I guess I’d go with the BATMAN ’66 original!

As a fellow football fan — but not of your Cowboys (I’m Browns fan…yeah, I know) — who is your favorite all-time Dallas Cowboys player? (via email)

JETT SAYS: Roger Staubach.  He was (and still is) my childhood hero…along with Batman and Steve Austin: The Six Million Dollar Man.

Which Batman theme is better, Zimmer or Elfman?

JETT SAYS: I love both, but if I had to pick, I guess I’d go with Neal Hefti’s from BATMAN ’66!


JETT SAYS: I don’t watch GOTHAM.  The last time I watched an episode was for season one’s mid-season finale.  I do not think that they’ll show a full-on Batman in his early years due to how anal WB is about live-action Batman.  But honestly, I couldn’t care less.

How does one get into this Batman On Film Fantasy Football League? (via email)

JETT SAYS: We are totally full for this season.  We have 1, 12 team league this year.  If the response is still high in 2019, we may expand to 2 separate 12 team BOF leagues.  So, when the call goes out next year, be ready!

If WB/DC hires James Gunn, what movie franchise would you want him to direct?

JETT SAYS: The Outsiders.

JETT SAYS: Oh man, there’s A LOT — too much to list here.  That’s for a book one day.  But just for fun — and this here mailbag — I’ll throw out a couple…

I knew Bane was the villain of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES way before it was announced, and I knew everything about JUSTICE LEAGUE both in front of and behind the camera.  And when I say everything, I mean EVERY-F’n-THING.