The November/Thanksgiving ’23 BOF Mailbag


Happy Thanksgiving!

And if you’re not in the U.S. and/or not celebrating…Happy BOF and Batman!

As far as my family, we will be attending the Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving as we do every year.  We’re actually having our “Thanksgiving” the following Saturday me and Announcer Rachel will be cooking it up most of the day Friday — I’ll be smoking a turkey as well as frying one Cajun-style — as well as Saturday late morning/early afternoon.  I will also be making a Cajun boudin cornbread dressing which is simply fantastic. I’ll post pictures!

And yes, it’s dressing down here and not stuffing, y’all.

Now on to the questions and…

LET’S RIDE! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

If Matt Reeves’s plan for THE BATMAN universe continues to be successful, do you think it could become the blueprint for future CBMs going forward? By plan, I mean the self-contained universe particular to one character, and the connective tissue being streaming shows like THE PENGUIN (possibly Arkham or Catwoman) to keep the hype-train high, as well as comics and other media tie-ins?  (I realize this is in stark contrast to the DCU plan, but you know what I’m saying.)

JETT SAYS: I wrote a while back that Matt Reeves (CLICK HERE to read) — with THE BATMAN SAGA/UNIVERSE — is doing something unprecedented in the comic book/superhero film genre.  Which is, of course, creating an entire universe — on film, streaming, comics, books, etc. — based on one character.  Since studios tend to copy whatever is “hot”, yeah, I can definitely see other studios following what Reeves is doing with THE BATMAN SAGA.

Frankly, I think that’s what all of them should already be doing or at least moving in that direction.  It’s WAY easier to reboot a single character every decade or so with a new filmmaker and a new take on the character, as opposed to rebooting an entire cinematic universe.  Just look at the issues that Disney is having right now with the MCU.  Hell, even Warner Bros. is rebooting DC on film with this new DCU and it being successful is far from a given.

Yeah, Matt Reeves is the blueprint.

JETT SAYS: Well, if he’s not, then he should be…in my opinion.  I mean, Warner Bros. shouldn’t get out of the comic book/superhero movie game, but how about they simply make the best DC films possible without worrying about a shared universe and continuity with everything connecting?

For instance, I was really hyped up for Gunn’s new Superman movie, SUPERMAN: LEGACY.  But my excitement diminished once we learned it was going to include lots of non-Superman DC characters.  I mean, how about just make a GD Superman movie, you know?

With THE BATMAN UNIVERSE being grounded, what is the farthest you think Matt Reeves would push the envelope on a more fantastical element of the comics? Such as Clayface, Mr. Freeze, and Man-Bat?

JETT SAYS: I don’t think he’s going to travel down that road.  I suspect that that sort of stuff will be found in Gunn’s new DCU with its DCU Batman.  Of course, there’s been scuttlebutt that Clayface may be in THE BATMAN: PART II, but it would be the original Basil Karlo version, not the shape-shifting blob of goo.

With the cataclysmic failure of THE MARVELS and the seeming downslide of MCU, do you see any chance of Warner Bros. re-thinking their strategy to the DCU? Maybe less content with only loose connectivity between projects? Wishful thinking, I know. I hope they are, at least, paying attention to what’s happening.

JETT SAYS: You’re preaching to the choir, brother!  Check out my answer to @batboat777’s question from Twitter, or X, or whatever that cesspool of a social media platform is called now.

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I’ve been looking through a negative lens lately with all the recent superhero box office disasters of 2023 fueling the “superhero fatigue” narrate, BUT do you think that this might actually be a great time for DC to shine with a new Superman leading the charge, while the once untouchable MCU brand seems to be in decline? Could the DCU, along with an already highly anticipated THE BATMAN: PART II create some much-needed buzz and excitement for DC and the genre as a whole?

JETT SAYS: I appreciate the positivity, Chris!  However, I think that the general audience views superhero cinema wholistically and not completely focusing on which comic book company’s characters the films are based upon.  This is why I never pull for a superhero film or TV project to fail; when one does well, it’s good for the entire genre.

However, I am quite bearish on not only SUPERMAN: LEGACY but this entire new DCU.  Disney’s MCU is staggering and there is indeed fatigue setting in (Which I blame Disney and the MCU for…don’t get me started!).  Furthermore, Warner has already done the shared superhero universe thing and failed spectacularly.  Like I’ve said in this space several times before, DC on film just might be a “dead brand” as many people in the know have told me.

I think 2 comic book characters are Teflon and proven to be safe despite multiple reboots over the 3 decades-plus: Batman and Spider-Man.

JETT SAYS: Absolutely.  And it was not only Batman, but good Batman.

THE BATMAN: PART II. The usual question of when we get casting [announcements] and also a glimpse at the revised costume. Everything else: I don’t want to know until October 2025.

JETT SAYS: Well, if it starts filming in early to mid-2024, then I would suspect that we’ll start getting casting announcements soon…probably after the first of the year.

As far as getting a look at a “revised” Batsuit, I don’t see it changing dramatically.  I would guess Matt Reeves continues with the idea that Bruce makes all of his Bat-stuff, so we might see him tinker with it — and the Batmobile — in the next film.

JETT SAYS:  See Q/A above, first part.  But I imagine soon…as long as it’s not pushed and they do start in early/mid-2024.

JETT SAYS: Good stuff, good question. I’d argue DC on film (other than Batman) has already failed with the DCEU.  I do not understand trying to give the shared universe yet another go.  How about just making good DC movies and not worrying about anything else — especially shared universes and continuity?

If Catwoman received a MAX series like The Penguin is getting, what storylines should it pull from for inspiration?

JETT SAYS: I’d probably riff off of Ed Brubaker’s run on CATWOMAN where she had left Gotham (remember, she told Batman she was going to Bludhaaven at the end of THE BATMAN), became champion of the forgotten/downtrodden, and morphed into the antihero she’s known as today.

When do you think THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD will make its silver screen debut (if it does at all)?

JETT SAYS: If they’re smart, after Matt Reeves is done with THE BATMAN SAGA.

Is the creative team of THE BATMAN cool with the fact that their saga will be A VERSION of the character and not the only one that we get in the next few years? I can’t imagine WB pulling that one on Nolan back in the day (and they tried to). I just hope DCU doesn’t affect Matt Reeves’ trilogy in terms of not pulling their soul into it and just making two more films because of having contracts.

JETT SAYS: Well, Matt Reeves had a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran where they apparently hashed out what Reeves’ plan is so that the DCU Batman will not interfere/tread on THE BATMAN SAGA.  I’ve heard that when it comes to Batman on film at Warner, Matt Reeves has A LOT of sway/clout.  Also, I don’t think he would make any film that he wasn’t passionate about.

And as I said in the previous Q/A, maybe the 2 Batmans — Reeves’ and the DCU version — will never coexist. 🤞

JETT SAYS: I heard recently that they are in the process of finishing/polishing the script.  I assume that it’s close to being completed.

Since this is a Thanksgiving BOF Mailbag, what one thing in THE BATMAN CINEMATIC UNIVERSE are you most thankful for?

JETT SAYS: Matt Reeves. SO happy that dude is in charge of solo Batman on film.

You think THE BATMAN: PART II is going to have a much different mood or theme or will it be darker?

JETT SAYS: I think it’ll have pretty much the same vibe/mood as the first film.

JETT SAYS: At home, washing his tights.