The Halloween/October ’23 BOF Mailbag


BOO!  Now…

Let’s ride! – Bill “Jett” Ramey

What are your favorite Batman moments on film in your least favorite films?

JETT SAYS: Probably Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne running into the mayhem in Metropolis during the Superman/Zod battle in BATMAN v SUPERMAN.  I also like Michael Keaton as Batman/Bruce Wayne in BATMAN RETURNS — no particular moment in the movie, just in general.  And for the record, I do not like BATMAN RETURNS but do respect it.  BvS I despise with a passion.

Would the character of Batman have survived the Golden Age if… 1) He remained as violent as he was in his first few issues, and 2) Robin was never created? Would he have disappeared like so many other pulp characters from that era?

JETT SAYS: Great question.  Batman — or “The Bat-Man” as he was originally called — was a big hit from the very beginning.  However, I’m sure that the inclusion of Robin to appeal to younger readers made the character even more popular and added to the character’s lasting power.  What’s ironic is that Batman became so silly and “kidified,” if you will that he was almost canceled by the mid-1960s.  It was the return to Batman’s dark and serious roots in 1969 and on into the 1970s that ended up saving the character in comics.

JETT SAYS: No idea…haven’t heard anything about Robin, much less Dick Grayson, being in TB2. I will say that due to the events in THE BATMAN with both Bruce Wayne and Batman having life-changing epiphanies, I could see how Bruce would take in a young kid who lost his own parents as he did.  With that said, I do not expect “Robin” to show up — especially as a 12 or 13-year-old boy ala Batman comics c. 1940.  With all that said, even though I’m not a big fan of Robins or Bat-sidekicks, I’d be interested in seeing Matt Reeves’ take on the character and how he’d make it work in this Batman world he’s created…and I’m sure he wouldn’t make him a #CASOB.

JETT SAYS: Maybe…I’m sure they’ve kicked around a lot of ideas when it comes to THE BATMAN UNIVERSE. Some will come to fruition, some will not.  As far as a director, I don’t fan-cast nor do I fan-hire and director.  I’d say it depends on what vibe, genre, and story they are going for with such a film.

Any chance Warner Bros./DC will make an animated adaption of the BATMAN 89’ comic series?

JETT SAYS: I’m pretty sure they’ve talked about it…they kick around A LOT of ideas.  I’d say it’s possible, but not likely.  Of course, they did 2 animated films based on the 1960s TV series, so you never know.  I’d certainly support it here at BOF!

I ruined THE DARK KNIGHT for myself by seeking out all the spoiler stuff I could find online way beforehand so that when I actually saw the film, I kind of felt like I had already seen it.  Being someone who has so many insider connections and who is privy to industry secrets, do you ever feel like upcoming Batman media is spoiled for you and ruins your Batman experience?

JETT SAYS: Not really to be honest.  I’m open to casting and character details, but I shy away from specific details when it comes to the plot.  The only films that were actually spoiled for me were JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017) and ZSJL…and that was because I simply didn’t care about either one of them.  But I’ve been pretty much spoiler-free on all the Batman films that I’ve covered here on BOF.

JETT SAYS: In THE BATMAN: PART II? Not really…I love the muscle car look of it as well Bruce Wayne actually building all of his Bat-stuff. I’m sure it’ll get some upgrades, but I don’t think the overall look with change dramatically.

In an ideal world – who would you cast as Batman & Robin in the Gunnverse? As always loving your amazing site

JETT SAYS: Man, I avoid fan-casting because I’m bad at it!  And honestly, I have very little interest in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and the new DCU Batman.  My focus is on Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN SAGA.

In a recent SOCIAL HOUR (podcast) favorite non-Batmobile vehicles were discussed. Any idea of what new vehicle would be used for THE BATMAN: PART II? Since the city is flooded, what about the Bat-Boat or Bat-Jet ski?

JETT SAYS: As always, it depends on what would make sense in terms of the film’s story.  I certainly wouldn’t want something inserted into the film simply for merchandising/toy reasons.  As far as some sort of Bat-vehicle for the water, I’m not sure how flooded — or if at all — Gotham will be by the time the events of THE BATMAN: PART II take place.  We’ve already seen Batman on his Batcycle riding through part of Gotham at the end of THE BATMAN…and we’ve seen shots of Oz Cobblepott walking and riding in a car through the city for THE PENGUIN.  A Bat-Gyro would be cool…but again, it would have to make sense to have it in the movie.

If Reeves is only doing a trilogy as Nolan did, would you like to see his version of Two-Face and should he use the comic book origin or adapt it differently as Nolan did?

JETT SAYS: Yes, I’d like for Harvey Dent and eventually Two-Face to show up in Reeves’ THE BATMAN saga.  After the events of THE BATMAN, there’s definitely an opening for a “clean” district attorney to take the reigns of the D.A.’s office and it wouldn’t shock me if Harvey’s the man in PART II.  As far as origin, with Reeves introducing Salvatore Maroni in THE PENGUIN, it would make sense that he’s the one who “gets” D.A. Dent down the line which leads to him becoming Two-Face.   I’d also note that a “gangster” or “mob boss” Two-Face would definitely work in THE BATMAN UNIVERSE as Reeves his Batman on film story an “Epic. Crime. Saga.”

With all that said, I very much liked Chris Nolan’s take on Harvey Dent/Two-Face and it made perfect sense in the story told in THE DARK KNIGHT.  No way that Two-Face was going to end up a mob boss in Gotham.

Would you have rather seen Michael Keaton return in a BATMAN BEYOND movie instead of THE FLASH movie and do you think it would have been better if that film had Jeffrey Dean Morgan play the Thomas Wayne Batman instead of Michael Keaton playing his Batman?

JETT SAYS: As someone who liked THE FLASH and enjoyed the return of Michael Keaton as Batman in it, I would’ve preferred seeing Keaton return in a movie that riffed off of BATMAN BEYOND or THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS.  Sucks that THE FLASH bombed because that all but ended any chance of Keaton’s return in a solo BEYOND or TDKR film.  Bummer.

Let’s assume that the SAG-AFTRA strike is finally over, do you see a scenario where Colin Farrell and the entire cast will resume filming THE PENGUIN spin-off TV series immediately? Or could the series resume filming at the start of 2024 if it’s getting a new release date?

JETT SAYS: I’m pretty sure that it will resume production very soon after the strike is settled. Now that November is already here come tomorrow (as I write this), I wouldn’t be surprised if filming commences in early January of 2024.  It’ll still be released next year…maybe later than planned though.  It has to be out before THE BATMAN: PART II, remember.

I remember the guessing game involved with BATMAN BEGINS’ sequel title on your website. BATMAN ESCALATION seemed like a logical choice, but it ended up being the iconic THE DARK KNIGHT. Over/under Matt Reeves uses a new title or simply adds the Roman numeral II to the sequel?

JETT SAYS: I’m 99.9% positive that the title is THE BATMAN: PART II because Reeves has already referred to it that way…and I think it’s a perfect title.

JETT SAYS: Well, the last we heard anything about it from the trades or even Matt Reeves himself it was still going to happen. We shall see. If I had to guess, I figure it’ll serve as the segue from THE BATMAN: PART II to PART III.

What do you think the chances are of Paul Dano reprising his role as The Riddler in future Reeves installments? Do you think he may have a minor supporting role? I really enjoyed his performance and was wondering what you thought of him.

JETT SAYS: I thought he was GREAT…best interpretation of The Riddler I’ve seen.  As far as his return, I do believe that the core cast of characters from the first film — Bruce, Selina, Alfred, Oz, Gordon, and even the “Unnamed Arkham Prisoner” — will return for future films.

JETT SAYS: To be fair to James Gunn, I think he was doing a bit on social media with those “takes” on BATMAN ’89 and THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY.  I do not (hope?) believe he was serious.  With that said, I am concerned about Batman on film after Reeves with this new DCU Batman and all the overt shared universe BS.  I’ve made no secret that I have damn near zero interest in THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and I do fear that, like Gunn’s SUPERMAN LEGACY with its inclusion of DC characters that aren’t “Superman,” non-Batman DC characters will show up in it to help expand this shared cinematic universe.  Hell, wouldn’t shock me if GD Bat-Mite showed up in it!  Clearly, they’ll be going for something that’s a 180 from what Reeves is doing with THE BATMAN SAGA.

JETT SAYS: I’ll say this…I like, trust, and respect Daniel a lot and I consider him a friend in this crazy business.

What was the spoiler that one journalist made back in the day at a press conference for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES that reportedly made Christopher Nolan furious?

JETT SAYS: Since I was there, I can tell you exactly what it was: John Blake turning out to be THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY‘s version of “Robin.”  I get why Chris got pissed, but everyone in there had already seen the film, so it didn’t really spoil anyone in attendance.  I suppose he feared that this reporter would actually reveal it in their review and/or report from the presser…which didn’t happen.

Will Th3 Batman 2 continu3 to b3 bas3d on Th3 Long Hallow33n and will Haunt3d Knight and No Man’s Land b3 part of th3 inspiration too?


If Heath Ledger hadn’t passed away, which role do you think he would have had in Nolan’s following films?

JETT SAYS: There’s no doubt that if Heath had not passed, he definitely would’ve shown up in other of Chris’ films. Damn.