Classic Comics: DETECTIVE COMICS #241 (March 1957)


During a robbery attempt in Gotham City, Dick Grayson – not as Robin – saves a girl put in harm’s way during the heist.

Later Robin – not as Dick Grayson – begins looking for the robbers. However, Dick injured his arm while saving the girl.

Wouldn’t the citizens of Gotham City put two and two together if Batman’s sidekick was seen sporting the same exact injury as Bruce Wayne’s young ward? MEANWHILE…

Batman – in a bizarre move – starts wearing a variety of different colored Bat-Suits while out fighting crime.


Robin eventually spots the robber which allows Batman to take them down and turn them over to the Gotham’s Finest.

The reason for Batman’s strange behavior with the rainbow Bat-Suits? He purposely made himself look goofy in hopes of drawing attention to himself and away from the injured Robin. Why? Uh, he didn’t want Gothamites to see that Dick Grayson and Robin had the same exact injury.

That Batman, he’s ALWAYS way ahead of the rest of us!

In season two of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, the animated series paid tribute to “The Rainbow Batman” in the opening segment of the episode titled “Emperor Joker.”


While “The Rainbow Batman” is indeed a crazy and goofy comic book story – especially when compared to the comic book Batman of the last 40-plus years – it’s still one of the most “unique” Batman stories during the character’s 75 year history and definitely should be categorized as a Batman comic book classic.

DETECTIVE COMICS #241 has a cover date of March 1957.  It was written by Edmond Hamilton with art provided by Sheldon Moldoff.  – Bill “Jett” Ramey